Oops! I screwed up the truffles!

It’s another episode of Wing It, Don’t Fling It! Today’s episode is brought to you by my own airheadedness. See, I usually make truffles with four ounces of chocolate, but I only had three ounces this time. I made the math in a little piece of paper and calculated how much milk, sugar, and vanilla I needed for only three ounces of chocolate. The little piece of paper remained forgotten on my desk while I proceeded to make the truffles in the kitchen, as if I was using the full four ounces of chocolate. Needless to say, the chocolate was too soft and it never fully set – not even after spending the night in the fridge… 
Oops! I screwed up the truffles!

But I managed to wing it by adding a little bit of coconut flour…
Oops! I screwed up the truffles!
Oops! I screwed up the truffles!

… and in the end they were delicious in a cake-ball kind of way.

Chocolate Truffles
Some rolled in coconut flour, some in ground peanuts, and some in ground chocolate chips.

All’s well that ends well! Now let’s check in with Mr. Cardinal who has just seen something very shocking…
What the flock?!
Vegan MoFo


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    I have a bag of coconut flour in my cupboard that I haven’t used much of yet.
    Recipe of those coconut flour cake balls?? Or are they somewhere on the blog? They sound good!

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      I’m afraid you’re just going to have screw up a batch of truffles and then add coconut flour to make cake balls! :D

      If I had to make these on purpose, I would start with a recipe for chocolate truffles (semisweet chocolate + coconut milk or some sort of creamy milk), but I would add a bit more milk than the recipe called for. Then after the chocolate has chilled in the fridge throw in coconut flour a tablespoon at a time until a workable (yet soft) dough forms. That’s pretty much what I did, although I did it out of airheadedness! :)

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    Heh, great shot of that cardinal! I have no-so-fond memories of having to handle them for a research project I assisted on. Their beaks are mothereffers.

    The truffle save was great though! Heck yeah for coconut flour!

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      I did not know that about their beaks! I’ll keep that in mind next time I feel compelled to grab one and hug him and pet him and squeeze him and name him George :D

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    I have done this, oh….hundreds of times. Not with truffles per se, obviously, but messed up ratios. Usually because I bake in the early am hours when I am still in a not-enough-caffeine-in-my-system haze and therefore can’t be expected to do math.

    I LOVE coconut flour and it has saved me many times. If I overbake cookies, I will usually just crumble them up, add some coconut oil and a little coconut flour to give it that texture and make them into “truffle bites”. That makes them sound almost planned, no?

    Bird puns. LOVE.

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      Cannot brain without caffeine! That is the best way to save a sad batch of cookies. It does make them sound almost planned ;)

      Coconut flour is some awesome stuff! I wish it was as cheap as all purpose flour, but then again, I’d probably put on 50 pounds if it was because I’d stick that stuff in everything.

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    good save, buddy! They look rad. I almost bought a bag of coconut flour the other day just because I was surprised to find it in my local health food store. But I didn’t because I realised I had no clue what to do with it!

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      Oh but once you buy it you will want to make all sorts of things with it! Coconut flour cake balls is my favorite thing to make with it. It’s pretty much just melted chocolate with a little milk and sweetener and coconut flour to thicken it. A lot like my failed truffles here!

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      He’s a Northern Cardinal and he’s very handsome! He hangs out here with Mrs. Cardinal but they don’t really mingle with the other birds. Maybe that’s why I like them, because they antisocial like me! :)

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