Cottage Pie with a Root Vegetable Topping

Oh, no! It’s the last week of Vegan MoFo! I felt so overwhelmed during the first week but now I don’t want it to end. That makes me sad. You know what I do when I’m sad? I eat comfort food, like Becky’s Mushroom and Lentil Cottage Pie with a Root Vegetable Topping!

Mushroom and Lentil Cottage Pie with a Root Vegetable Topping

Cottage pie is my favorite comfort food, no doubt about it, but I had never had one with mashed potatoes and parsnips before. It was absolutely delicious! Becky said to add some seasoning to the mash, so I went with a couple of big pinches of mace and a little bit of ground white pepper.  I didn’t have any dried mushrooms, so I used fresh ones instead. My mushroom-lentil filling was a little soupy because I added too much water to the pot, but I have nothing against a soupy cottage pie.You wanna see it? 
Mushroom and Lentil Cottage Pie with a Root Vegetable Topping

I miss it already! Becky has been veganizing British dishes during Vegan MoFo, which has been one of my favorite themes of the month. Thank you for sharing this recipe (and so many others!), Becky!
Today’s cuteness is brought to you by a random wet duck. 
Raindrops keep falling on my duck
Raindrops keep falling on my duck!
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    I’ve never heard of cottage pie before, but it looks similar to shepherd’s pie. Unless…are they the same? I like to eat foods but I don’t have a strong grasp on what dishes are actually named :-) Either way, this looks delicious! As the weather cools, I’m all about the potatoes and comfort dishes.

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      I think they are basically the same thing but the recipes call for different types of meat? Hmm. This one has no meat, so maybe we should call meatless pies something else. Farmer’s Pie? Garden Pie? Crop Pie? Oh, not that one, that one sounds too much like Crap Pie! :D

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    Wow thank you for cooking and sharing my recipe :) I love receiving feedback and I’m so pleased that you have enjoyed this dish and my theme in general. Your photos are lovely, it looks yummy! I’ve loved reading everyones vegan mofo posts I will be sad when it’s over too!

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      Thank you for sharing it! I tried to leave a comment on your cottage pie post but I think your blog thought I was trying to spam it with a link to this post. MoFo has flown by this year!

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    I never had cottage pie and I always thought it looked kind of unappetising. Not yours though. Stunning pictures and the recipe sounds amazing.

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      Oh, you must! If you make one and you love it too, then I will have recruited one more member into the I Love Cottage Pie club, and the Cottage Pie Overlords will give me a badge :D

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    yes I LOVE cottage pie, it’s one of my favourite comfort foods too and yours looks fab. It’s really rainy and crap outside here, it’s totally cottage pie weather!

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    I totally cracked up at the duck photo and your caption!

    And this looks so good, now I am sad that I’m not having it for dindins. Must make, asap! Plus, I never think to buy or use parsnips!

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      Ducks are such funny animals. Unintentionally funny! :)

      I also rarely use parsnips. Once I found a recipe that promised me that parsnip fries tastes exactly like potatoes. They lied, so I had been mad at parsnips until this recipe vindicated them.

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    I have been loving mashed cauliflower lately and last year I made Shepherd’s Pie (I think that is the same thing?) with it. I’m still not ready for fall foods though. Not until my tomatoes in the garden are done.

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      Another one with a kung-fu grip on all things summer! I’ve already turned my back on summer. But then again I don’t have an awesome vegetable garden to hold on to…

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    I think cottage pie might be my favorite comfort food, too, though I didn’t know it until just now. I love the mashed topping over the lentil stew. (Or soup as the case may be.) I think I should serve this at my next family dinner.

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