Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Blondies

Only one more week of Vegan MoFo to go! It seems like we just got started! Today I really wanted to make some sort of blondies, so I ended up making Andrea’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cake. To make it blondiesque (somebody add that word to the dictionary ASAP!) I halved the recipe and made the dough quite firm. I baked it at 350 degrees for about 18 minutes. You want one? Or five, because I made them really petite…

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Blondies
If you want to make the recipe as blondies too but you like a thicker blondie, then just make a full recipe and bake it a little longer. I haven’t bought any sorghum flour in a long time so I used coconut flour instead. My jar of applesauce was almost empty, so I ended up using about half applesauce and half peanut butter. They were excellent! They are fudgy on the inside,crispy edges, and bursting with gooey chocolate chips. Oh, did I not mention that they are made with BEANS?! I can’t believe I am a total bean-in-baked-goods convert! Thank you, Andrea for sharing the recipe!
Now for today’s daily dose of cute, let’s take a look at Mrs. Hummingbird. She doesn’t have those bright red feathers like the mister does, but she’s fabulous in her own way.
Mrs. Hummingbird

And just in case you thought I only took good hummingbird pictures, here is a sample of what 90% of my hummingbird shots look like:
90 % of my hummingbird photos look like this
They are just too fast for my slowpokeness!
Vegan MoFo


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    Oh RIVER. That hummingbird picture is totally amazing!! I even like the blurry one! We have hummingbirds a lot at our house, because our whole front yard is hummingbird-friendly plants like sages and such. They are such amazing little critters.

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      They really are amazing little birds! I am a little envious of all your hummingbird action and hummingbird-friendly plants. We used to have four hummers until a couple of weeks ago or so, but now there are only two left. They are too territorial!

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      That’s because hummingbirds are cool! I have been stalking them like a psycho lately because they won’t be around much longer. As soon as the weather cools down they’re out of here, so I’m trying to take maximum advantage of my hummer time :)

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    Thank you for trying the recipe! Your blondies look perfect, and now I might have to make another cake.

    I believe you are a hummingbird whisperer. How else to explain the many fantastic shots?

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