Chipotle Mac & Cheese With Brussels Sprouts

It’s Mac-and-Cheese Monday! Today I’m sharing two recipes for the price of one: it’s a PPK recipe mash-up! I wanted to make the Chipotle Mac & Cheese With Roasted Brussels Sprouts but with the sauce from the Sunflower Mac recipe, so I started off with the Chipotle Mac & Cheese With Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and once the sprouts were roasted I switched to the Sunflower Mac recipe and blended a chipotle pepper into the sunflower sauce. Only one, because I’m a wimp.

(Sunflower) Chipotle Mac & Cheese With Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Oh yeah. It’s good stuff. The sauce is so yummy and smooth and creamy (thanks, Blendtec!), and the Brussels sprouts go so well with the sauce. Cashew based sauces are nice, but I’m not made of monies here. The chipotle adds a nice kick and a “grown-up” flavor to the dish, even though I only dared throw one very small pepper in there. I tell ya, I could skip the pasta and just have the spicy sauce and the roasted Brussels sprouts and be a happy camper! I had quinoa elbows, in case you were wondering. I mean in the dish – my elbows are fairly normal human elbows. As you can see, my sprouts are a bit charred. Apparently I’m going through a burning phase.
Hey! Have you ever seen a blinking hummingbird? Here’s one!
Blinky McBlinkerson
His feathers look brighter and more colorful depending on where the sun hits them
(see my previous post)
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    1) This looks amazing, I love caramelized brussels sprouts.

    2) I once saw a hummingbird and bat in mid-air combat. Those little guys can handle themselves!

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      That sounds amazing! I can’t say I’ve ever seen a hummingbird battling a bat but now I shall not rest until I do. We se plenty of hummer vs. hummer mid-air combat action right outside our window, but we don’t have any bats around :(

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    Holy saucy noodles! I bookmarked that recipe too–it looks incredible. And I love love love char on my brussels! I think they’re way better that way :)

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    I used to make a batch of cahsew nacho sauce almost every week, but my wallet staged a protest. I’m a big sunflower seed fan though and I always have those in the pantry. And brussels. The best vegetable of the fall season.

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    Are you SURE there are noodles in that sauce? Oh wait, I see one. :) That is some saucy mac and cheese — looks so smooth and creamy. I used to make more things from sunflower seeds but the cashew craze just kind of took over. Thanks for posting an alternative and giving me a reminder that the sunflower seeds are calling from the cupboard. The sprouts are so perfectly caramelized and inviting. I want them.

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      Hehe, I think there is one noodle per bowl :)

      Cashews are the best, but sometimes it’s nice to have a less expensive alternative, right?

      Some of my brussels sprouts were a bit too burnt to be photographed, but they all ended up in my belly anyway! :)

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