BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Last week I ate something I’d never had before but I’d been really curious about for a long time – jackfruit! I found a can of jackfruit in a little health food store in Joplin, Missouri a few months ago, but for months I couldn’t decide what to make with it. That problem was solved as soon as I saw Ketty’s BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Looky here!

BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Poorly framed and taken photo. My belly was getting impatient!

It looks so much like some sort of pulled pork it’s scary! When I first took a bite of the jackfruit by itself I thought I wasn’t going to like it because it was a little too tangy, but that’s when the sweet potato came to the rescue and balanced out the tanginess with its carby sweetness. Jackfruit definitely has a meaty thing going on. The barbecue sauce brings the whole dish together beautifully, and I must confess I did not eat it in the most ladylike fashion. Usually I am a slow eater and I like to take dainty bites with a fork, but I was having a hard time resisting the urge to pick up the whole thing like a corn on the cob and going to town on it. I didn’t do that, but I did pretty much inhale it in a matter of seconds! Thank you for sharing the recipe, Ketty!

Today’s cuteness is brought to you by my mother in law’s pup, who is a big fan of Phoebus…
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      Hehe. Dainty eating was definitely not going to happen! Let’s just say that none of my pinkies were perkily pointing up while I ate my dinner :)

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    I have no idea if we can even get jackfruit over here, but I hope we can because that looks so awesome. I might have to go do some googling now!

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    I always forget about jackfruit, until I see a delectable recipe on someone’s blog. Then I have to go buy some. I think we’ve kind of gotten used to using soycurls whenever we want something that jackfruit would be perfect in.

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      Oh, you must! I’m thinking about ordering a case from Amazon or somewhere on the interwebs because it’s nowhere to be found around here. You’re lucky! :)

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