Chocolate Sausage – Wing It, Don’t Fling It!

Are you shocked by how often I screw up in the kitchen? Oops, I did it again! This time with a batch of brownies that were incredibly oily – probably because I most likely zoned out and added the oil twice. It sounds like something I would do. They tasted good and chocolatey, but the texture and the oiliness weren’t even tolerable. Anyway, I needed to recycle them into something better for the Wing It, Don’t Fling It challenge, but I didn’t want to turn them into truffles yet again. Been there, blogged that three times already. Let’s turn the inedible brownies into a chocolate sausage instead!

Chocolate Sausage

I’ve also heard people call this a “chocolate salami”, but I like chocolate sausage better. Here’s how I turned a horrid batch of brownies into a tasty chocolate sausage…

Inedible Brownies
The oily brownies in all their oily glory. 

First I cut them into small pieces and ground them in the food processor until they were very crumbly. Then heated (microwaved) two tablespoons of almond butter and four tablespoons of coconut milk in a little bowl, whisked them together and added the mixture to the crumbled brownies. I processed that until smooth (it was like a very thick cream) and transferred the mixture to a mixing bowl. Now I had to decide what sort of chunky bits I wanted to throw in there. The winners were finely chopped cashews, coarsely ground white chocolate chips, and little bits of almond paste. After I mixed the chunky bits into the thick batter, I added enough coconut flour to form a soft dough..

Making Chocolate Sausage

…which I then shaped into two little logs, sprinkled more coconut flour all over, and wrapped them in parchment paper. After a couple of hours in the fridge, my chocolate sausages were ready to be sliced!

Chocolate Sausage

That’s better! The fine coconut flour absorbed the extra oil and gave the chocolate sausage a smooth texture, kind of like cookie dough. It was fun to find chunky bits of nuts, white chocolate, and almond paste in there, and it was a bit freaky how much it looked like a sausage! This was a fun experiment and I can’t wait to actually make a chocolate sausage from scratch, not from a fudged up batch of brownies. I did make mine a bit too firm, and I had to wait about 15 minutes to slice it after I took it out of the fridge because it kept crumbling into little pieces. Next time I’ll have to remember to make the dough quite soft.


Mr. Chickadee asks: have you recycled any leftovers into something fabulous lately?


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    Ha I am usually the kind of person who forgets to add things. Sugar, oil, even flour. It has been interesting. I love your chocolate sausage suggestion. I think this would be perfect for a kid birthday party!

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    Nice save! I recently had a similar issue with some cookies that just melted together in the oven. I went with the truffle ball option. Love the sausage.

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    That is a great photo of the chickadee!

    I tried a Wing It Don’t Fling it experiment this past weekend, and it was….unsuccessful. The cookies actually got worse. Each time I tried to do something, they just kept getting worse. It was a freak show, really.

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      Isn’t he a cutie? I love chickadees. They are so tiny and yet so loud!

      That sounds like a frustrating experiment! A series of unfortunate events! I hope you didn’t have to waste too many expensive ingredients, and most importantly, I hope no chocolate went to waste! :D

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    I think I’ve ruined multiple baked goods by forgetting to ADD the oil — too bad I wasn’t clever enough to make truffles or sausages. I’m thinking the sausage looks a little scarily like real salami, especially with the little white bits. I can see my father putting a few slices in a sandwich with mustard, then getting quite unnerved by the taste and texture. I didn’t know that chocolate sausages were a traditional candy treat in Latvia. I have to look the recipe up to see what was in the non-vegan version.

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      (Oops! I messed up your reply! Let’s try again…)

      Doesn’t it? The little white bits look like fatty bits. I had eaten chocolate sausage when I was a child, but if this had been the first time trying it, I think my mind would have been confused. “It looks like sausage but tastes like dessert!”

      That would be a disgusting sandwich! It would be quite the April’s Fools’ Day prank though :P

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    Do you have any tips on recycling leftovers with shards of glass dispersed throughout? I dropped an unbaked babka in its glass loaf pan onto the floor earlier today. (Just kidding, I know I’m not supposed to eat shards of glass, but I felt like sharing my mistake with someone who understands!) Sad, sad day.

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      That sucks, Rebecca! I feel your pain, and I think I would have cried! All that work and all those ingredients going to waste! Not to mention the loss of the loaf pan. That truly is a sad, sad day. Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I blended a silicone spatula into a batch of homemade almond butter a few weeks ago? A big batch of almond butter too. It all went to waste because it had tiny bits of blue silicone spatula also dispersed throughout. It might have been wise to remove the spatula from the blender before turning it on. Oy!

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      I came close to crying, I’ll admit. Ha, it does make me feel a little better. I almost tried to pick out the glass shards and started getting cut (not badly) and then, finally, ceremoniously threw it out. :(

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      There would have been no shame in crying over the loss of a homemade dessert! I’m glad my airheadedness made you feel better. I also attempted to save the almond butter by removing bits of spatula from it, but there were so many and they were so minuscule. After a few minutes I also conceded defeat. :(

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    Honestly, that sausage sounds sensational! (Wow, get a load of that alliteration!). It’s something I’d probaby snack on a bit too much. But wow, what a yummy looking snack! (And I’ve done the same thing with oil. . . don’t ask how many tester recipes I disposed of because I added the wrong ingredient or too much of one or the other!) ;)

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