Cheese-Stuffed Lentil Cottage Pie Croquettes

Don’t you love a good lentil cottage pie? There’s something special about soft stewed lentils topped with creamy mashed potatoes. I do think it’s my favorite “comfort food” dish. However, thanks to the Wing It, Don’t Fling It challenge, these days all leftovers must be recycled into something different here in the Wing-It kitchen! This time, my leftover lentil cottage pie became Cheese-Stuffed Lentil Cottage Pie Croquettes!

Leftover Lentil Cottage Pie Croquette

There wasn’t much cottage pie left, but after I added a bit of milk and breadcrumbs it expanded enough to make four large croquettes.

Leftover Lentil Cottage Pie, ready to be croquetted up!

To transform the cottage pie into croquettes, all I did was transfer the pie leftovers into a bowl, added a couple of tablespoons of almond milk and gently mashed it in with a fork. Then I added some extra seasonings (salt, black pepper, bit of onion powder) and a handful of breadcrumbs, just enough to form a dough that wasn’t sticky but also not too dry. Then I took about a quarter of the dough and slightly flattened it in my hand, placed a piece of cheese (Daiya Jack Style Wedge) right in the middle of the flattened dough, and wrapped the dough around the cheese until it was completely covered. I did this three more times until all the dough was gone. To bread them, I first dipped the croquettes in tomato sauce, and then rolled them in seasoned breadcrumbs. I pan fried them in a bit of olive oil over medium heat, turning them every few minutes to brown all sides of the croquettes.

Leftover Lentil Cottage Pie Croquettes

They were so tasty, and I loved the gooey cheese that was melted in the center! Next time I make cheese-stuffed croquettes I will use coconut milk cheddar, but I’ve been out of agar flakes for a couple of weeks and that stuff is expensive. I’m not made of money here!

Leftover Lentil Cottage Pie Croquette

Buddy the Blue Jay

Buddy the Blue Jay wants to know: have you recycled any leftovers lately? Also, I think he would love to have a little sweater or a scarf.


  1. says

    You win the leftover transformation award. Now you must send the entry to me so I can confirm that it tastes as good as it looks. :)

    And where has Penny been hiding herself all this time?

  2. says

    Those look SO tasty, River! I’ve been yearning cottage pie recently, after someone brought a delicious one to the Scottish Vegans potluck here last week. Now I’ve got two reasons to make it, and I will! Thanks for the inspiration!

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