From Failed Blondies to Truffles!

Here’s another outtake for you! Last week I showed you how I fudged up two pumpkin tartlets and turned them into truffles. This week’s screw up consisted of a gummy experimental batch of wheatless Almond Butter Blondies… without the almond butter! Yep. I forgot to mix the almond butter it in there. The blondies were wheatless and I was witless. It happens. Frequently.

Brownie Truffles Before...

I know what you’re thinking – they don’t look so bad. But they were. They were gummy and crumbly at the same time! How?! The flavor was fine, but the texture was awful! As soon as I took one bite I knew they were destined for the food processor! Mr. Wing-It said he liked them and he asked me to leave a couple of squares “untruffled”. The man is weird.

Anyway, I threw the blondies into the food processor with some freakin’ almond butter and enough melted chocolate to form a sticky dough. After processing for a few seconds I had a tasty truffle mix, which I shaped into little balls, which were then dipped in melted chocolate chips. The result?

Brownie Truffles

Brownie Truffles
Voilà! Like magic, Brownie Truffles!

Yes! Brownie Truffles! I’m telling you, man, chocolate is an airhead’s best friend! I didn’t bother making them pretty because I had already messed with this recipe long enough. I just wanted to be done! Inside shot…

Brownie Truffles

Success! Next time you fudge up your blondies, or cookies, or cake, you’ll know what to do! :)

Let’s ask a random duck what he thinks about these Magic Brownie Truffles…

Tickled Pink
One out of one duck approves!



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    Well you certainly have THIS little black duck’s approval so that would be 2 out of 2! ;). I must say…when I first saw the title of this post I thought “ello ello (spoken in a U.K. Mr Plod accent…) ello ello I said…this sounds like some of those “special” brownies that me mam always warned me about at parties!” but on closer inspection the magic appears to be totally degustory and not illegal at all (unless stuffing yourself with an entire batch in a gluttenous haze can be prosecuted…it can’t can it?!) We made something similar with a Christmas cake that was less than stellar last year and Steve is STILL raving about them and asking me to make them again (problem is I can’t remember how!) I recon that I will substitute your gorgeous totally kosher balls and he will have something new to rave about :) Cheers for an absolutely positively scrumptious (thats my best mary poppins accent there in case you didn’t recognise it…) recipe :)

    • says

      Two out of two ducks approve! Score! Ha! You’re right! It does sound like it would be a post about “special” brownies! I hope we can’t be prosecuted for stuffing an entire batch of truffles in our bellies, or I am going to be in some serious trouble with the law! :D

      You’re going to have to make a less than stellar cake on purpose so you can recreate your Christmas treats! I thought your Mary Poppins accent was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (totally copied and pasted that)

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    I’m going to steal this re-purposing of food idea. I just made these protein bites that….aren’t good at all. I’m really not sure if I can save them though. I always fear that if I try, I’ll just end up wasting more food. BUt really, add some more sugar and some chocolate and you can’t go wrong, right?

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    That gummy-crumbly duality — I know it well. That baking failure oxymoron that makes no sense. Only you could right the situation so adroitly, and save what would otherwise hit the can. Well done. Truffles trump again!

    And I see you have reappeared. :)

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