Furniture Makeover: Hair and Makeup Station!

Who loves furniture makovers? I do! I do! I showed you our revamped hutch last week, and now it’s time for a non-kitchen related makeover. For someone who doesn’t wear makeup regularly, a hair and makeup station seems like a waste of furniture, but it’s nice to have a place where I can keep all my supplies organized and sit down comfortably to doll meself up when I’m feeling girly. My hair and makeup station consists of an old (70’s) beat up desk, its matching old beat up chair, a generic-looking stool, and a generic-looking mirror…

Desk (and stool) before. Yawn.
The old beat up desk and the stool before.

Chair (and mirror) before
The old beat up chair and the mirror before.

The desk and the chair belonged to my mother in law. She didn’t want them anymore and she asked me if I wanted them (knowing that I like to upcycle things!). Do I want it?! Gimme! I knew what I wanted to do with them right away – hand me the white paint! I have a thing for white furniture with dark hardware. Behold the makeover…

Desk after!

I love my new hair and makeup station! Even if I don’t use it daily, I still enjoy having it there just looking purdy. See that little mirror on the desk? That used to have a gold finish, but I painted it aqua. The little plastic drawers on top of the stool used to have grey knobs, but I painted those as well. Perhaps I should have taken a picture of the stool so you could see it better. It has white legs with a dark walnut seat. Look inside one of the drawers!

Neatly lined drawer

The drawers were unfinished inside. I painted them white and covered the bottoms with shelf liners. Wanna see the fabric I used for the chair?

Purdy fabric
Swoon! (it’s from Hobby Lobby)

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this furniture makeover! Let me know if you still want to see more – there is one more cool makeover that I could brag about! :)

Today’s duck photo goes out to Christina! What’s wrong with this seemingly sweet picture though?

What's wrong with this picture?
Oh no! Curly is having an Alien moment! 


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    You are so talented! I wish I had that eye, to see one thing and transform it. I have a couple old pieces of furniture I would love to make over, I just have no idea where to go with them.

  2. says

    Nice job. I love white painted furniture but I can never bring myself to paint wooden furniture. I always feel compelled to refinish it with stain or varnish. Why? Why can’t I just paint it white like a normal person?

    • says

      Thanks! You are a normal person that happens to be on Team Stain! When I was researching what the laziest way to paint over a stained finish would be, I found that there are two teams – Team Stain and Team Paint. I think I would also be on Team Stain if I had to redo a solid wood piece. All our furniture is junky faux wood stuff though! :D

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    What a lovely surprise to find a sweet duck photo in my inbox. Ha, it looks like another duck is emerging from his chest!

    The furniture makeover is beautiful. I love the crisp white and teal. Keep them coming, I could use the inspiration. :)

    • says

      I didn’t realize there was a duck emerging from Curly’s chest when I took the picture, it was only after I transferred it to the computers that I noticed! These ducks are funny even when they’re not even trying! :D

      You got it then. I will share one more colorful furniture makeover soon. This one will be white and bright sunny yellow!

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