Snoop around my kitchen!

Our kitchen is pretty boring. There is no natural light in there and it can be a bit dungeony. So why did I take so many pictures of our boring kitchen to show you? I don’t know! During this Vegan MoFo, we’ve been invited to snoop around a few bloggers’ kitchens (Kittee, Mandee, Amey, Andrea, Jojo) and now it’s my turn to let you snoop around mine! Way too many pictures – I’ll keep the text on the light side.

I have a few little crafty signs and this clock that I made a couple of years ago scattered around…

Crafty Signs

That’s not a Kitchenaid, it’s a Hamilton Beach. I don’t like leaving the mixer out there on the counter uncovered, so I use a clear glass pie dish as a perfect little lid!

Pie Dish Cover

Above the mixer there is a cabinet with glass doors where I keep my favorite dishes…

Glass Doors

Colors and whites are separated, just like laundry! :)

Whites and Colors

The opposite corner has more crafty signs, and it’s where the bread maker lives…

Breadmaking Corner

Bottles of oil in the red thingie and a Cats Rock sign…

Crafty Signs

I love coffee mugs! This cabinet holds mugs, coffee, and tea (and coffee substitutes) exclusively…

Mugs and Cups

I love my herbs and spices…

Herbs and Spices

We have a “wall of cupboards” that holds baking supplies, pans, dishes, small appliances…

Wall of Cupboards

Wall of Cupboards

This blackboard magnet on the refrigerator helps me remember things…

Chalkboard Magnet

This isn’t technically in the kitchen, but this is an open floor plan, which means it’s practically in the kitchen…

Hello, Piggy! 

This also might as well be in the in the kitchen – it’s a buffet with a hutch that used to look like this…

Makeover Before

But I gave it a big makeover and now it looks like this…

Makeover After

I love it now! So fresh and cute! That is my little “Witchita” on the top shelf. I keep most of my cookbooks there, as well as my cookie cutters and candy-making supplies in the drawers…

Colorful Colors
A girl can’t have too many piggies.

Cookie Cutters

That’s it! Do you guys like furniture makeovers? I have a couple more that are not kitchen related. Would you be interested in something like that? Let me know – your wish is my command! :)


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      I love my mugs so much! I use them depending on my mood. If I’m feeling extremely antisocial I will use my “people annoy me” mug (not pictured), or if I’m feeling silly I will use my I Love Lucy mug. Geek! :D

  1. says

    I saw your comment on Andrea’s blog that you were going to post about your kitchen so I came over to look. I’m definitely snoopy like that. Everything is so clean and tidy. And crazy that seems like a totally different hutch.

  2. says

    Can I move in?!?!

    Love the makeover and of course, I’d love to see more. Lots more. I have glass kitchen cabinets too, but mine are just plain old boring glass. I would love the dappled glass like yours. Another thing to add to my growing list of house projects…

    • says

      Sure thing! We can get your dad to build us some cool wood stuff then! :D

      You know what? I was very tempted to buy a can of frosted-glass spray paint to paint the inside of the glass doors. Sometimes I’m not always the neatest putter-awayer of dishes, and the see through glass shows all my sloppiness.

  3. Anonymous says

    I had that exact same hutch in my bedroom growing up. I finally gave it away a few years ago. I’m in my 40s and got sick of looking at furniture my childhood (70s/80s). It looks great painted white. I used to have the whole matching bedroom set. Cut kitchen too!

    • says

      Thanks! Old furniture can be so depressing. Funny how a little white paint can brighten up an old dated piece! I have to admit I went a little white-paint crazy and painted all our old mismatched furniture so everything would look less Frankensteinish. I will post a couple more pictures of more furniture revamps next week.

  4. says

    Nice tip with the pie plate in the mixer bowl, I don’t like leaving mine out there but I couldn’t really think of how to cover it, now I do!
    That buffet looks fantastic, I love the makeover you gave it!

    • says

      The pie plate is a perfect cover! I used to cover the bowl with the lid of a round tupperware container, but the metal bit where the beater goes would push the center of the lid down and it wasn’t very pretty. The pie dish is perfect because it leaves plenty of room for that metal bit thing (whatever it’s called!) I hope it works for you too! :)

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    Not boring. It looks well-organized and very efficient. What kind of mixer is that? It looks better than a Kitchenaide. I love the red accents in the kitchen — my old kitchen had a lot of red, and I miss that. The makeover was a great success, and yes, I’d like to see more. Your bookends are my initials!

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      That is a Hamilton Beach that I bought from Kohl’s for only $100! I’m pretty sure it was 50% off on some kind of after Christmas sale. Compared to the expensive Kitchenaid mixers, I was pretty happy with my find! :)

      My bookends are your initials! What a coinkidink! :D

  6. says

    Your kitchen is NOT boring! I still remember it from previous posts, I love all the red and the crafty touches :D

    You reminded me that I didn’t include my spice rack, will have to do an update!

    And I love the hutch now, I want to see more, more, MORE!

    • says

      Thanks, Mandee! It’s a nice kitchen, but I think it’s the lack of a window that makes it boring for me. Definitely do a spice rack update – that’s the best part of a kitchen! :D

      I will share more furniture makeovers then! Coming soon! :)

    • says

      Can you believe that it still takes me a while to find a spice or herb even though they’re in a neat little row like that? The shelves were some plain black shelves from Bed Bath and Beyond that I painted red – I think I paid ten bucks for them!

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