Quesadillas with Coconut Milk Cheddar

Grab a napkin and prepare your salivary glands for overproduction! Who wants some Vegan Quesadillas with Coconut Milk Cheddar? Whoa! Whoa! One customer at a time, people! Take a number!

Coconut Milk Cheddar

This amazing recipe comes via Sweet Roots. I thought it would be very coconutty, because my tastebuds can detect the smallest hint of anything, but that’s really all the coconut flavor there was in this cheese – the smallest hint. And that’s being super picky. The liquid smoke, smoked paprika, and nutritional yeast take over and replace the coconutty flavor with smoky cheesy goodness. It’s made without any added oils, but the coconut milk fat makes this cheese plenty “melty” and gooey all by itself. This recipe has absolutely made it to my favorite recipes binder! Thank you, Mary!

Coconut Milk Cheddar
Get in mah belleh!

Coconut Milk Cheddar

Today’s Netflix find is the one and only Doc Martin! Poor Doc Martin was a big shot surgeon in London until an incident at the OR left him unable to operate because he couldn’t stand the sight of blood anymore. He packed his stuff and moved to the fictional town of Portwenn (Port Isaac in real live) in Cornwall where he now practices general medicine. The town is beautiful. The very friendly characters who don’t know how to stay out of other people’s business drive the poor doc crazy. Doc Martin is not particularly fond of other people and he is often annoyed by all the quirky locals. He is actually quite vile. There is a certain someone that he does like, even though he manages to ruin every possible romantic moment by saying something inappropriate!

Happy rain duck
Happy rain duck is happy!


  1. says

    Oh wow, that cheese, and the quesas, look SO good, River! I must make this, STAT!

    And aww, it’s like he’s doing the duck equivalent of sticking your tongue out in the rain!

  2. says

    Holy not cow, that melty, gooey cheese! It looks like the most delicious miracle ever.

    And that duck, he looks so thrilled about the rain. What an awesome shot!

    • says

      It is pretty miraculous! Ducks sure love their water – which reminds me that tomorrow I need to share the video of the rescued ducks at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary being introduced to water – you know, in case there is one person in the whole world who hasn’t seen it yet! It’s gone viral!

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    OH the not too coconutty thing is So good to know. I’m Not a fan of coconut (a true horror in the vegan world) and was about to just walk away from these beautiful quesadillas.

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