Halloweegan Spooky Dinner Revival!

Are you sick of ghosts yet? No? Good! This time I am bringing back from the dead an old Halloweegan dinner that I blogged about a couple of years ago…

Spooky Dinner

Spooky Dinner

Spooky Dinner

Spooky! It’s a meatless meatloaf shaped like a gingerbread man, surrounded by spooky mashed potato ghosts and pumpkin-puree pumpkins. I used the same recipe for the beet burgers that I made earlier this week. Making videos isn’t a natural skill for me, so I prepared myself with some quick and easy instant mashed potatoes for the ghosts. The more time I can save in the kitchen the better when it comes to making videos! Freshly made mashed potatoes look better, but if you need to save time too I am not going to judge you. You will need some special decorating tools for this (large round and star decorating tips), unless you just want to wing it with a ziploc bag or pastry bag. You can also make your own parchment paper or wax paper pastry bag following the instructions from this handy video. OK, enough chit-chat! Let’s watch the video! (warning: loud music!)


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    ha ha. Oh River, this is the BEST. So fun and funny – and also delicious I’m sure. I love the little “x’s” for eyes. The best.

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    HA! Well done. The scariest thing is the way the beet loaf looks when it’s raw and you’re pushing it into the mold. It looks so real — like the “t” could be an “f.” Yikes.

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      I know! And the beet mix I used had been in the fridge, so it was very firm – you should see it when it’s freshly made and it has very visible bits of brown rice which look like fatty bits! Beet burger mix is a Halloweegan food all on its own!

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    I was hoping I’d get beets in our veg box this week but we didn’t, boo! I’m going to go out and buy some just so I can finally try this recipe.

    And I love your videos, the ghosties look great, as does the poor dead meatloaf-man! The pumpkins are my fave though :)

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      That’s too bad! This recipe is definitely worth going out to buy some beets though. I think next time I’m going to add a wee bit of liquid smoke to the burger mix just for kicks.

      I’m glad you like the videos! I used a different camera for this one and it’s pretty crappy. I’m going to stick to my trusty Panasonic in the future.

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      Aren’t they awesome?! I love them! The do make a good meatless loaf too. At least flat little ones for sure! I could eat them every day. The world can’t produce enough beets for me to make these burgers so often! :D


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