Halloweegan Ghostly Lemon Mousse Tart!

I promised there would be a few Halloweegan posts during this year’s MoFo and I’m keeping my word! May I interest you in a Ghostly Lemon Mousse Tart?

Ghostly Tart!

This tart is actually supposed to be a Raspberry Lemon Mousse Tart, and it is a recipe created by the one and only Ms. Amber Shea Crawley! I needed to make something with whipped cream ghosts, so I swapped the berries for the spookies. The recipe is from Amber’s cookbook Practically Raw, but lucky for you, Amber shared the recipe online! There are a few cookbook recipes that I want to make during Vegan MoFo, but I will only use recipes that are available online for all to enjoy, even if you don’t have a particular cookbook. The ghosts are made with coconut whipped cream and they have strawberry jam eyes and mouths, piped on with a little ziploc bag. I made some Ghostly Pudding Pies for MoFo 2008, but those only had one lonely ghost on top. This is a gang of ghosts!

Ghostly Tart!
Your pants. We shall scare them off you.

How did the tart taste? Heavenly! I am still getting used to non-baked “crusts”, but the filling is absolutely heavenly! See what I did there? Heavenly? Ghosts? Boo? Never mind. The lemon mousse is amazing, and it’s not full of junky junk! It’s made with cashews, coconut water, agave, lemon juice, coconut oil – even a little turmeric! Even Mr. Wing-It who prefers more traditional (non-raw) desserts raved about it. Check out the recipe and go make some!

Ghostly Tart!
Looks like they’re riding a delicious lemony jet ski! Ha!

Today’s TV show find on Netflix Watch Instantly is Hell on Wheels. Do you watch it? This was another one that I was reluctant to watch, but now I am SO into it! It’s dirty, gritty, bloody, and even funny sometimes. It’s a western show set in 1865, but it’s not your typical western, so even if you’re not into that kind of stuff don’t write it off! It moves very slowly and not much seems to happen during most shows, but somehow it manages to keep me completely hooked.

And now I will leave you with an awkward picture of Curly. Happy weekend!

Picasso Curly
Picasso Curly laughs at your traditional head-placement preconceptions.


  1. says

    Ooooh, that filling looks beautifully creamy, I’ve never tried making a coconut mousse before.
    We just recently started watching Hell on Wheels, we figured it’s an AMC show so it has to be good, they’ve yet to steer me wrong. My husband is determined to become an extra on the show since they just film it down the road from us, but can’t say I’m super into the dirty straggly look :)

  2. says

    Am I the only person on earth who can’t get traditional coconut whipped cream to work for me? It never gets fluffy or holds a shape the way your spooks do! I love the look of the tart and the filling sounds divine, too. Oh, wait, just noticed the comment by Jes above mine. Any tips for us??

  3. says

    I’m so amazed at how stabilized all your ghosties are! My attempts at vegan whipped cream creatures normally turn all gloopy. I should try again soon so they can jet ski into my belly :)

  4. says

    Luscious-looking pie, and I appreciate your using available recipes. I like raw pie crust, partly because it’s so easy to get it right, and partly because it tastes good.

  5. says

    I love that picture of Curly! I have a special appreciation for that thing that ducks do where they tucks their heads way back like that. It looks so cozy! :)

    Also, that tart looks beautiful! and spooky!

    • says

      Ducks are such cute little creatures and they have the funniest little habits. I love how they instantly start grooming when they are hit by a single drop of water – I have some pictures of happy rainy ducks coming soon! :)

  6. says

    Omg! Those are adorable and delicious looking! Will definitely be making it. I will love the lemon and my daughter will love the ghosties!

    • says

      It’s hard to get all caught up with so many good shows! I’m doing OK, but the Walking Dead, Community, Vampire Diaries, and Downton haven’t even started – it takes some serious organization and scheduling skills to be a couch potato! :P

  7. says

    Hee, what is Curly doing? It looks like he’s giving himself a hug :)

    And mmm ghostly lemon tart! It looks beautiful and I can just imagine how good that lemony filling must be!

    • says

      I think he was grooming very awkwardly. Ha! I’m going to start telling mean people to “go hug themselves” from now on! :P

      The lemony filling is fabulous, and I think you would love it too. Soy free and gluten free! :)

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