Vegan MoFo – Mandee’s Cauliflower Cheeze!

Before I share my lunch with you, I have a very important question to ask you guys: should I order Dandies Marshmallows or Sweet and Sara? Actually two questions: which vegan white chocolate chips should I order? Because I want to make white chocolate chip blondies like the ones Becks made today and I’m not sure which chippers are the best ones. Help?

On to the yummy food! My lunch today came courtesy of Mandee @ Cupcake Kitteh! Mandee is doing an E.A.T World themed MoFo, (yay!) and when I saw her Endive au Gratin dish today, it reminded me that months ago I had bookmarked her recipe for Cauliflower Cheeze, and because I can’t hold a thought in my head for more than five seconds I totally forgot to make it. Until today!

Mandee's Cauliflower Cheeze
Individual pot of tasteh!

Isn’t it purdy? It almost looks like a soufflé! The cauliflower became soft and tender in the oven, and the cheezy sauce was smooth and nutty. I broiled mine for a few seconds because I wanted to crack it like a Crème brûlée. I’m quirky like that. Definitely a dish I will be making over and over again! Thanks Mandee! :)

Mandee's Cauliflower Cheeze

What an awesome Vegan MoFo this has been already! Everyone is kicking butt and taking names! Aren’t we a cool gang? *snap*

If we had thumbs, we would be snapping


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    Oooh, that looks so, so good. Love au gratins! I think I will have to make it, too (and hopefully not forget). I’m too late to chime in on the marshies, but that’s okay, since it looks as if you already got your answer!

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    I don’t know anything about those marshmallows, but they are both marshmallows so they can’t be bad, right? :)

    That cauliflower recipe reminds me of one of the first things I ever made off a blog recipe way back int he day from Vegan Dad..

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    I’ve only ever had S & S, and we like them. And I’ve only seen one type of vegan white chocolate chips…from Pangea? They weren’t ideal tasting but will do. I’m surprised there aren’t more options on that one.

    That souffle is one of the best looking things I’ve seen all week.

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    I am so glad you made the cauliflower cheeze and enjoyed it! I love the little pot you baked it in, now I want some too!

    And hmm, I’ve had Dandies but I don’t think I’ve ever tried Sweet N Sara… maybe I have but I can’t remember.

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    I don’t know how I missed that recipe on Mandee’s blog, but I am glad you shared it. That sounds so yummy. I love the cat picture. I am a major LOLcats geek!

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    I like Sweet & Sara to eat out of hand and Dandies to use in baking/rice krispies treats. As for white chocolate chips, I can only tell you that the brand I have (Lieber’s, which I bought from Vegan Essentials) is gross. They taste like sweetened wax.

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    i totally need to try Mandee’s cauliflower cheeze – sweet awesomeness, River – it looks glorious!

    dandies vs. sweet ‘n sara – i like dandies for hot chocolate (they get more melty) and sweet ‘n sara for some baking because the dandies get suuuper gooey – which if that’s what you’re going for (like making rice krispie treats ‘n such) then get the dandies – but if you want something to retain more shape try the mini sweet ‘n sara’s or dice up the big regular sized ones. on their own, i love the dandies texture a bit better (softer) and they taste more sugary – the sweet ‘n sara’s are a bit firmer but they have a wonderful flavor that isn’t such a sugar-shock. as for white chocolate chips – i get whatever kind they have a “the vegan store”. i think it’s their brand. i think they’re yum and i’ve made white macadamia nut cookies with ’em before and got rave reviews. :)

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    I can’t help you out on the marshmallow or choc chips I’m sad to say. I’ve only ever had Sweet and Sara Toasted Coconut and all I have to say is BUY THEM!

    That cauliflower cheeze looks crazy good!

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    The answer to the marshmallow question is complicated.
    If you need a lot of marshmallows; you need to buy Dandies because you get more pieces for the price; but if you’re making something where the marshmallows would shine; buy sara and sweet. I’m addicted to sara and sweets. The flavors are all great and so are the originals. The cinnamon pecan variety is amazing on a sweet potato casserole. (do they donly do that in the south? well i’m from the south).

    I do not like any of the commercially made vegan white chocolates. I think they taste like that white coating on cheap christmas cookies or holiday pretzels; just for taste reference. Hannah Kaminsky has an amazing white chocolate recipe on the bittersweet blog if you have access to cocoa butter; I would make hers. I never knew I even liked white chocolate until I tried her recipe. There’s my eleven cents.

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    That looks so like my lunch should look today. I’m making it.

    I once bought a bag of Dandies (I can get either of those brands at a local store) and they were all glued together like one big marshy wad. They tasted fine, but it was VERY inconvenient, and lots got thrown away. Never had that happen with S&S, and I’m not saying it will happen to you. I’m just saying. As they say.

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    That Cauliflower Cheeze looks awesomely good – and well-done Mandee for keeping the Eat World dream alive! As for your marshmallows/choc chips query; I hsve no opinion, I’m British, therefore Dandies ghosties and Sweet and Sarah S’mores are things I can only dream of! *sigh!*

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    Mandee is awesome! Eat World lives on!

    I have no comment about the cauliflower cheeze I’m afraid, but you knew that (can I pretend it’s potato cheeze? Oh, that would be potato gratin wouldn’t it? Or do I mean…*googles how to spell it*….potato dauphinoise?? I’m rambling, ignore me!) ;P

    And I love the Westside Story LOLCats! =^..^=

    Later potater! Or should I say ~ In an hour, Cauliflower!?

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