Vegan MoFo – Katie’s Beet Cookies!

The first week of Vegan MoFo is almost over already! Where does the time go? Today marks the end of the beet trilogy: first I brought you beetaroni, then I brought you a beetloaf, and now I bringeth dessert!

Katie's Beet Cookies

No, seriously! They’re beet cookies! And they taste like sweet treats, not beets! Aren’t they the purdiest cookies ever? Don’t you want to invite Tinkerbell over for tea and pink cookies? I couldn’t stop staring at them while they were baking because they’re so lovely. Mental note: pressing one’s nose against a hot oven door is not a good idea. These Happy Pink Cookies came courtesy of Katie, which brings us to today’s big Blog-Love!

Today’s Blog-Love goes to Katie @ Making Food and Other Stuff! Katie is so cool you might mistake her for Shaft.* Not only does she make awesome food and crafty other stuff, she’s also getting a PhD in Bird Nerdery. Katie is researching the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (a cutie patootie endangered bird) so she can figure out a way to restore their habitat, which is being destroyed by us lovely humans. Katie is my hero! She’s super fit and strong too, so don’t you mess with those birdies… just sayin’. Check out Katie’s blog if you’re in the mood for something witty, hilarious, delicious, and downright awesome! I’m telling you it’s fascinating! (Like her beet cookies!)

Katie's Beet Cookies
Extreme close-up!
I started with regular sized chocolate chips but they seemed grotesque,
these little beauties got the dainty mini-chips treatment.

UPDATE: Katie said that she has made these with pureed beets from a can, so those of you who don’t want to touch beets can still make these cookies and avoid getting pink fingers!

funny pictures of cats with captions
Aww, how could anyone say no to that face?
I’d give him my cookies, my credit card, my Blendtec, and my soul!

Happy weekend! I’m off MoFo-duty until Monday, because blogging on the weekends would get in the way of my slothing around.

* I stole that line from one of my favorite sarcastic TV characters Lorelai Gilmore! :)


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    These are my very favorite cookies, but instead of writing down the recipe, I just bookmarked the link. Now the blog has been moved to private :( Any chance you know another way of getting the recipe>

  2. says

    RIVER!!! OH MY GOD. Those pink beet cookies are cookies supreme! I love them. I have a beet loving bf., so Ima have to make me some of these!

  3. says

    First of all, what a fabulous way to reference the lovely Gilmore Girls :)!!

    Secondly, those amazing little cookies better find their way into the hearts and mouths of your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!!! hehe!

    They are SO purrrrrty!!!

  4. says

    I love Katie’s blog, and her recipes! Those cookies turned out so lovely. I’ll have to try that recipe. I attempted some beet cookies once … fail. But worth trying again!

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    These are soo pretty! I really want to try some, but I am scared because I don’t like beets. Do you think I’ll still like um? I mean, I drink beet juice when mixed with apple?

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    katie is such a great girl! I love her sooo much! she’s truly one of my BFFs that ive met thru blogging.

    Anyway, her recipe…as all of them, looks awesome.

    And your blog is new-to-me which is so ironic b/c Im doing Vegan Mofo and my blog is vegan too!

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    Hello, I absolutely adore your blog, I found you in the Vegan MoFo bundle.
    You’ve given me so many ideas, and have to say, it’s brilliant to read someone else that is a Gilmore Girls addict!

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    What cute cookies! I love the pink colour from the beets.

    I’d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos, and a link to your post, to my new vegetarian photo gallery showcasing the best vegetarian dishes and recipes on the web.

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    i love that these beetarific cookies are not only sooooooooooo super purdy, but they’re gluten-free, too. totally gonna have to try these – and check out Katie’s blog some more as well! dan and i are sloutching around like crazy today. i haven’t taken off my yoga pants! aaaaahahhahahaaa! enjoy the rest of your weekend, River!

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    Pink vegan GF cookies?!! These would be so cute with a pink frosting too! I want to make them for my 2 year old niece to use with her pink tea set!! Great blog lovin’ ^_^

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    You are too nice. You made my cookies look better than they did when I made them! LOVE the perfectly placed chocolate chips, and I completely agree that big old chips would have made the cookies too manly.

    They look Beautiful (capitalization necessary).

    Also, to people who don’t like touching beets, I’ve made these with pureed beets from a can. It doesn’t affect the flavor, since you can’t taste the beets anyway, and no pink fingers!

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    Those are the prettiest cookies I’ve ever seen! Hands down! Too bad I only have little brothers to make them for…wait, that’s good there’s no girls, more for me!

    I absolutely adore the kittehs. How does anyone resist?! That’s why I no longer go to pet stores for anything, I’ll end up taking a new kitteh home with me!

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    I have to admit, most sweets and cookie vegan posts don’t do it for me (I have more of savory sweet tooth, if that makes sense). These cookies look FAB! Thanks for linking to the recipe. Just might try ’em!

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    Wow. That is very pink! If Cookie Monster had a girlfriend these would be her favourite! They look so girly!

    Andrea’s comment made me LOL! I’d like these cookies if you made them for me, but I’m also not going to be playing with beetroot anytime soon! :P

    And you have C.D.O (Cookie Disorder, Obsessive- must be alphabetical or it negates the CDO!). The perfectly placed chocolate chippers look so neat and orderly.

    Enjoy your weekend slothing!

  15. says

    Those cookies are so cute! I love it! Those might be made for Guppy & friends, just because.

    That kitteh is the cutest. I want a kitteh right now!

    Have a great weekend Ms. R! Nothing should get in the way of slothing around.

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    I know someone whose favorite color is pink and she’d be tickled beet to get cookies like these. Especially if they had perfectly placed chocolate chips. Is there a way to make these without having to touch the beets? (just kidding, just kidding)

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