Jeni’s Lentil-Mushroom Loaf with Potato Filling

UPDATE: I blogged about this beauty again recently!

Did somebody slip a little catnip in my drink? I’ve had ants in my pants for a few days and I can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes. What the fork?! I’ve upped my Omega 3 intake significantly recently (thank you Mr. Flax!) It’s either that or one of you slipped something in my tea. *stinkeye*

Do you not believe me? Here’s what I made for lunch today:

Jeni's Lentil and Mushroom Loaf with Savory Potato Filling

I cooked all that for lunch instead of eating whatever scraps I find in or under the fridge as usual! Isn’t it purdy? It’s Jeni’s Lentil and Mushroom Loaf with Savory Potato Filling, with a side of roasted carrots and parsnips and some greenery. The recipe is for one big loaf, but I only made a couple of small individual loaves for my lunchypoo. The lentil-mushroom part of the loaf is gloriously non-mushy, and the savory, oniony potato filling is the bomb! This loaf will become a regular here at the Wing-It Kitchen. Thank you for sharing the recipe, Jeni! :)

Jeni's Lentil and Mushroom Loaf with Savory Potato Filling

Today’s Blog-Love goes out to Jeni Treehugger @ Heathen Vegan! Jeni has been a resident of Blogville since 2008, and I was very lucky to have found her blog only a couple of months after it went live. Jeni is a badass cook and an awesome cute cake maker! Her blog has lots of vegan recipes, and many of them are for traditional UK dishes that Jeni has veganized and awesomized! Also, she’s a cat lady and a good witch who specializes in shenanigans and jiggery pokery! Check out Jeni’s blog!

This post seems like a good time to announce my celebration of the upcoming made-up Thankspiggin’ holiday! What? Thankspiggin’! The mister and I are going to be celebrating it this coming Sunday and we’re going to stuff ourselves silly with tasty Autumn offerings and general yumminess. It’s a very unofficial celebration, and you are welcome to join in. Food. We’re going to celebrate food. Do we really need a reason?

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  1. Claire says

    Soooo, put this in the oven tonight and thought, really? 180 degrees? But that’s what the printed recipe said, so that’s what I did. Except that 45 minutes later,it was obviously not done. Next time, could you warn us the recipe is coming from a Brit? Then this yumminess would be in my belly right now, instead of still cooking…

  2. says

    Just stumbled onto your blog from foodgawker. If that’s what you make for lunch I can’t wait to poke around and see what you make for … dinner?

    The pics are also amazing. I’m still working on that food photo thing but most of my posts are restaurant reviews. Your pics make me hungry.

    Happy Thankspigging Day!

    Marty’s Flying Vegan Review
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  3. says

    It does look so purdy! It’s so difficult to fine ones that aren’t too moist inside. . . wishing I had a good sub for the mushrooms so I could make this!

  4. says

    OK that looks REAAALLLLLY good. I’m not a fudge gal, (though I do like a good chocolate cake), but the savory stuff gets me drollin’ big time. I wanna make that when nobody else is around so I can eat it ALL MYSELF!! Mwahahaha!

  5. says

    holy cow! you are a lunch victor. That loaf looks really, really good. It has my thanksgiving sensors going off. I am looking for something a little different this year. Must be soy free. I will go investigate.

  6. says

    River – your posts always make me laugh out loud! lunchypoo & stinkeye are two words i’ve used before and it cracks me up knowing that i’m not the only one who uses ’em. aaaaahahahahahaa! sweet gloriousness that is awesome & good – Jeni’s potato stuffed lentil & mushies loaf = the most magical meatless loaf of all time! a stuffed meatless loaf is brilliant & i can’t wait to give this a whirl!

    looking forward to all of your Thankspiggin’ eats as well. i’m out of town at an engagement party that day & evening (supersadface), otherwise i’d soooooo be down for joining in the celebration of all things delicious and autumnal. :)

  7. says

    A loaf! It must be loafin season since I just made one last night :) I can’t believe the stuffin stuffed potatoes in this one though, holy yum! What a great idea, <3 Jeni!

  8. says

    Ants in your pants! Do you have bees in your bonnet? Really I just think of that song, “I like to move it, move it” because I’m a nerd.

    That loaf looks amazing & Jeni is the bestest!

  9. Anonymous says

    MMMMMMM, this looks so good! How did you adjust the time and everything for your mini loaves. This might be my thanksgiving dinner for a crowd!

  10. says

    Wow, this loaf looks fantastic. I love all of the flavours!

    I’d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos, and a link to your post, to my new vegetarian photo gallery showcasing the best vegetarian dishes and recipes on the web.

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