Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Andrea's Orange Chocolate Chip Cake

Today's Blog-Love goes out to Andrea @ Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking! You probably already know who Andrea is and you're most likely a fan of her blog too, but just in case you're the new kid in town, it's my duty to point you in the right blog-direction! Andrea has been a vegan for more than 29 years, so she knows her vegan shiitake like no other! Her blog has a humongous list of recipes and lots of product/restaurant reviews. You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of lovely little Miss E working hard in the kitchen, or maybe you will even get to meet that adorable curly-haired Buffy! Check out Andrea's blog!

Andrea's Orange Chocolate Chip Cake

This is one of Andrea's recipes that I bookmarked a while ago, it's an Orange Chocolate Chip Cake that I baked in two medium sized ramekins (I'm only baking halved or even quartered recipes during MoFo.) Andrea originally made them as the cutest little bundt cakes, and you can also make them as one big yummy cake.

Andrea's Orange Chocolate Chip Cake
Ridiculously tiny slice, because I'm a big fan of the ridiculous.

The addition of almond and coconut flour gives this cake a lovely texture. It's flavored with orange zest and ginger, which is a perfect combination! The soft chocolate chips add a delicious contrast, and if you're into cranberries that's an extra bonus. I'm not a cranberry person, so I added a few more mini chocolate chips instead! Thanks for sharing this scrummy recipe, Andrea! :)
For your birthday cake  is orange flavor OK?
Kitteh Cake!


  1. ::Wince:: I simply can't condone orange with chocolate...BUT let me say that the cake looks stupendous! So crumb-y and moist.

  2. That sounds oh-so-very good right now!

  3. hi!
    i've come over here to give you a big head bonk.


    now get to work...


  4. Andrea does know her shitake! I am also a fan of the ridicule, so here's to you! That cake looks nommers, and citrus and chocolate is always a great idea!

  5. Andrea ROOLZ! Those itty bitty cakes look to die for, you know how much I love ickle foodz.



  6. Don't listen to Amber! Chocolate and orange are made for each other! Awesome combo. And you know that I'm with you on the cranberry thing too. Do. Not. Want them in my cake! ;P

    I'm quite new to Andrea's blog, but I'm going to have a little look through her recipe archive for more yummy looking desserts later :)

    Today's lolcat is perfect! Aww!

    (And I'm glad to see you've been prodded a couple of times too! Did it work? Is my next test recipe ready yet? Hows about now? Now? Heehee!).

  7. I want that cake! I am a fan of Andrea's blog too, she always makes the kind of meals I like. (Love the LOLcat picture. I have that one saved on my computer actually because I think it's so cute)

  8. for some silly reason i have it in my head that i don't like the chocolate-orange combination. and you know what, it's completely dumb of me because i can't honestly say that i've ever tried the chocolate orange combination. i'm gonna have to some day - and i might just start with Andrea's Orange Chocolate Chip Cake - and if i do i'm gonna put in all the cranberries that you're not eating! :) tee hee! rock on with the MoFo and blog love, River! squeeeeees all around!

  9. I am so dying for something sweet and yummy. Oh how I wish payday would come faster. Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare!!! Drooling mess I am, yes I am. :o)

  10. YUM! If only my stack of recipes wa a little shorter. Oh well, I'll add it to the to-make pile anyhow.

    Love Andreas blog.

  11. Yum, this looks so so good! The texture looks excellent, and I especially love chocolate and orange together

  12. River, Thanks for the blog love and right back to you! And what do you mean you don't like dried cranberries? There such GOOD little buggers. But extra chips are always a good idea and I kind of like that solution.

  13. Another Andrea fan! Love her stories and her always-interesting meals. Your wee little cake slice is so cute! And I suppose I will have to get used to the "no cranberries" rule. . . it appears there is no convincing you. ;)

  14. I'm also *trying* to cook half or quarter recipes but I say trying because I keep ending up with way too much food each day, whoops!

    I LOVE the ridiculously tiny piece of cake, I think it's the perfect size for afternoon tea!