Halloweegan Mashed Potato Ghosts

Hang on to your souls! This post is all about mashed potato ghosts! My favorite! Remember the Dead Man Burger from a few days ago? It inspired this Ghostly Dead Man dinner. The dead dude is an individual veggie meatloaf shaped inside a gingerbread man cookie cutter… *spooky music*

Ghostly Dinner
They have come to claim his soul.
Don’t worry, these are nice ghosts. Mostly.

To make mashed potato ghosts, all you need is some fairly firm mashed potatoes, a pastry bag or ziploc bag with a tip cut off, and whatever you want to use for the eyes, which you will be applying with a toothpick. I like making ketchup eyes, because they’re red and creepy! Just load up your bag with mashed potatoes and squeeze out little ghostly shapes onto a plate, applying more pressure at the base of the ghosts and less toward the top. To make the eyes, dip the tip of a toothpick in ketchup and gently “paint” the eyes on the ghosts.

It’s best to start with warm mashed potatoes, not piping hot, or your poor hands will hate you. Make the ghosts first, then heat them up in the microwave or conventional oven if you’re using an oven-safe dish, and then finish plating your dinner. Making mashed potato ghosts is easy as pie – Haunted Cottage Pie!

Halloweegan Haunted Cottage Pie
Halloweegan Haunted Cottage Pie

The problem with a Haunted Cottage Pie is that unless the bottom is very firm, you will end up with a ghost massacre on your plate. I might have done that. A nice firm crust on the bottom would probably keep you from committing a ghosticide.

Here are some Ghosts of Halloweegans Past:

Before I magically disappear, I want to thank you all for all your awesome comments and feedback! You guys are the bestest! I was used to blogging once a week, and I wasn’t sure if blogging three times a week was going to be too exhausting, but all your positive feedback has kept me from wanting to quit! Thank you!! :)

I made a Facebook page for Wing-It. Don’t ask me why because I am never on Facebook! But anyway, there it is and it will automatically, magically really, post new Halloweegan updates to its wall. Cool! If you want to check it out, you can find it here. *POOF*


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    dead dude and all the little tater ghosts of halloweegan are just too awesome, River! i loooove them all packed into your haunted cottage pie (and i’d like to say i’m interested in the recipe for the pie!)! i’m sorry they got a wee bit massacred, but i bet they were oh-so delicious! oh my word, i just looked back at your post and caught the little pumpkins – River, you’re amazing!

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    This is so awesome, it’s downright ridiculous. I would never have thought to make ghostly mashed potatoes, but it’s so perfect, and so totally brilliant! You’re my new vegan blogging hero. You have the absolute best Halloween ideas!

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    Those ghosts are screaming, PARTY… PARTY… Now I (almost) wish I had some kids around the house so I could make a Halloween party. Wait, I don’t need kids for a party! What was I thinking?

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    Those are absolutely adorable! I am going to make mashed potato ghosts with dinner one night this week. My boyfriend is going to think I’m nuts when I serve dinner, haha.

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    Oh My Ghostness! *LOVE*

    Shepherd’s pie is one of my favourite foods, but mine never looks so spooky! I want to make this now!

    And the dead man meatloaf feast looks incredible! All of it! But I think the pumpkings (heheh!) are particularly genius! Is that Coriander leaves sticking out of them? Adorable! I love coriander.

    I know what I’m making for dinner on Halloweegan now! (unless you wow me with something even more awesome!? Is that possible?).

    Oh, and the little Mash Ghosty in the bottom right of your Shepherd’s Pie picture looks heart-breakingly sad! Aww! Poor little guy :(

    I wish I could eat him and put him out of his misery! ;P

    This just might be my favourite post ever…..for now at least! ;)


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