Mini Halloweegan Pizzas *FAIL*

It’s pizza time! So I made three different types of pizza, and only one of them was somewhat decent. Let’s start with that one and work our way toward the *epic fail*

Jack-o-Lantern Mini Pizzas
Jack O’ Lantern Mini Pizzas

Not too bad. I used mushrooms to make the eyes, noses, and mouths, and I used a combination of Daiya cheddar and mozzarella. All cheddar would have been better, but I didn’t have enough. To make the pumpkin shaped mini pizzas I rolled out the pizza dough and used a cookie cutter to cut out the little pumpkin shapes. These would be perfect party food, and I bet tiny hands would love these mini pizzas too! Next? Mini Ghost Pizzas, sort of.

*FAIL* Ghost Mini Pizzas

Not so good! I pictured it better than it turned out. They don’t really look like ghosts, do they? They look more like mummies, which led me to attempt pizza #3:

*Epic Fail* Mummy Pizza
*Epic Fail*

Mmmkay. That didn’t work. It would have been a fun treat if I had executed the plan properly! Oy! This is what they should have looked like.

The reason why I wanted to make white pizza, is because I wanted to try this awesome white pizza recipe from Vegan Pandamonium. Awesome is right! I think I am going to take a little break from regular pizza because the white kind is too yummy! Instead of the Gardein crispy tenders, I went with thinly sliced mushrooms under the cheezy sauce because I needed my ghosts and not-mummies to be flat on top.

And I found the white pizza recipe through this post at the Perfect Pizza Press blog. First of all – I want a Perfect Pizza Press! I need to get me one as soon as they’re available for sale! I don’t like slicing pizza, and those pizza cutter/roller things are the work of Lucifer. Mr. Wing-It is in charge of pizza slicing here, but I’m afraid he’s going to be out of a job after we get the Perfect Pizza Press.

Also, on that same post, Kelly appointed me the High Priestess of Halloweegan. I accept! Heeheeee! I am going to need a black cloak, a glittery staff, a pair of witchy boots with curly toes, and a black cat named Seitan. How would I go about changing my name to Elvira? Though if I change my name to Elvira, there are *a couple* more changes I need to make as well…

Halloweegan craftiness coming up next week! *POOF*


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    These are all so incredibly cute! the little ghosts are my favourite, though I think they look more cuddly than scary. I love them all, though, you’re very creative :)

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    I actually think that all 3 of your pizzas were successes! I like the mummy ones–very cute! And the pumpkin ones look delish. I’ve never tried Daiya, but it does seem to melt pretty well!

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    Oh, and someone should totally invent vegan string cheese. Not just for mummy pizza making purposes, but because I would eat it every day.

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    I like the ghosts! I think they’re cute! I will definitely be making these next week for my two-year-old. We made the strawberry ghosts last night and they were a HUGE hit with her, not to mention me and my husband! Can’t wait for crafts!

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    Mmm, pizza! I love the mini pumpkin pizzas with their little herby stalks! I’ve never been tempted to try a white pizza because the tangy tomato sauce is my favourite part ( and I always have double sauce on my pizza), but they do look good.

    You don’t like slicing pizza? I always cut mine with scissors as I find those wheel cutters absolutely useless.

    You definitely need a black cat named Seitan! =^..^=

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