Wing-It Is Back, Baby!

Greetings from the land of fickleness! Wing-It is back! Yes. I realize I am fickle, but what kind of a woman would I be if I never changed my mind? Right? So I changed my mind and gave up the other blog. For those of you that haven’t been following my nomadism, the other blog is The Crafty Kook. I am still kooky, but now I will be kooky here instead. Again.

I have been missing this dusty old blog for a while, and at first I thought that maybe I could bring Halloweegan back just for the month of October and then go back to The Crafty Kook, but what I really want to do is move back here for good! It all was decided yesterday when I read some super kind words that Bianca had to say about Wing-It Vegan. It was the final extra push that I needed and it made me realize that this is where I want to be! Thanks Bianca! It’s good to be home! :)

I feel a song coming… reunited and it feels so good, reunited ’cause we understood,there’s one perfect fit, and sugar this one is it…

It really does feel like coming home. The Crafty Kook never felt like home, and now I can’t even remember clearly why I wanted to change. I had some reasons, but now they all seem stupid. This is so exciting! I have been constantly smiling like an idiot since yesterday! No need to make a pro-con list, this is what I want! :D

Hopefully my flip-flopping won’t be too confusing and annoying for you. I have imported all my posts from The Crafty Kook so there will be no hopping around from blog to blog if I link to an old Kook post. I also replaced all the “Mr. Kooks” with “Mr. Wing-Its”. YAY! I have even missed calling the hubster “Mr. Wing-It!”

So here we are again. Do you like my new layout? I drew the little icons and the cupcake myself, which is very strange because I cannot draw! It was some sort of fluke, I’m sure. The drawings were clumsily inspired by the Simon’s Cat videos, which I love!

What else? What else? Right! I am working on a recipe index so all my recipes and external links to other recipes will be neatly organized and easily accessible.

Did I mention that I’m bringing Halloweegan back this year? Whooooo!! This time it will be about Halloween themed crafts as well as food. And I intend to join Vegan MoFo again! From now on I will try to keep blogging once a week even if it’s not about food or crafts or travels, just to keep the blogging flow going until we go home for Halloweegan. I’m excited! I can feel the mojo! Bring on Halloweegan!! Bring on Vegan MoFo!!

This post is getting long, so let me wrap it up with my very first E.A.T World entry on Wing-It Vegan. This time, we’re going to Spain for some Tortillitas!

E.A.T World: Spain, Tortillitas

Tortillitas are basically a chickpea flour pancake that is naturally egg-free! Score! The problem is that they are seafood pancakes. *Sadface*. Not to worry! This veganized version is made with mushrooms instead. The recipe calls for half chickpea flour and half all purpose flour, but I replaced the white stuff with more chickpea flour. The tortillita broke a little when it flipped it, but I didn’t expect any less! *I haz a clumsy* I followed this recipe by Mark Bittman, and there is even a handy little step by step video here. Like I said, I made mine with thinly sliced sauteed mushrooms and it was the bestest!

E.A.T World: Spain, Tortillitas

Well, I guess I’ve done my damage here. Can you believe it’s almost the weekend? I hope you guys have an awesome one!

P.S: Is anybody out there still reading this dusty old blog? :)


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    Hey you’re back. Sorry to hear about your tummy pains and your stupid ass broker. Hope you’re better and HEY YOU’RE BACK!!!
    That Tortillita looks crazy delish, I’ve never made one before so thanks for posting the recipe link.

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    Sorry I’m a comments slowpoke, my brain is slowpoke overall after such a long trip home!

    Danielle – Awesome! Let me know how you like them with the mushrooms!

    Mandee – Thank you! I am obsessed with Simon’s Cat! I wish there was a whole epic movie about him. It’s so funny without the need for words too, which I love! :)

    Thanks, Mo! I have a few things planned already, and I am sewing up some Halloweegan craftiness as we speak! :)

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    Welcome home, River!

    I love the new layout and your drawings look fantastic! I’m home today so I think I will spend it watching Simon’s Cat videos, he’s SO CUTE!

    And yay for Halloweegan and chickpea pancakes :D

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    I have a jar full of chickpea flour, and can’t wait to make these! I was intrigued by MB’s article, but couldn’t be bothered to veganize the recipe. Thanks for doing the legwork– your tortillitas look great!

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    I have always love Wing It Vegan. Glad you are back here. And there is nothing wrong with being fickle. It keeps things interesting. Hope you and Mr. Wing It have a lovely weekend.


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    Hey there, I’m still reading, and I like your layout, and your very artistic illustrations! And the pancake looks yummy. I’ll have to try it and compare to the omelets I recently made.

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    Yes, I made the potato ones, I think with onion and cheese. I think yours would pair great with greens! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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    My boyfriend and I made egg based Spanish tortillas all the time before I stopped eating dairy. I can’t wait to try this, sounds amazing!

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    You guys rock! This is the warmest welcome (back!) ever! :D

    Whoooo!!! It’s going to be a wild ride, Cindy! I hope your desk chair has a seatbelt built in! :P

    Thanks for the heads up, Penny! Maybe I should do both – reply here AND reply on people’s blogs. I’m off to reply to yours now… :)

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    I love your header! What makes you think you can’t draw? (I also love Henry’s Cat! That guy just KNOWS cats, doesn’t he?)
    And Gilmore Girls! My daughter got me hooked, then we got her father hooked, and now we’ve got her brother hooked, too! We all watch it together on DVD every night we’re all at home, now! And we cheer Jess, when he comes on the credits.
    OK, just off to add you to my blogroll…
    BTW, I always return to see if my comment has been commented on…

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    Aimee – Thank you!! You must have known I couldn’t stay away from wing-it for too long! :D
    Exciting news! I guess we will have to wait until the fall to see what you’re up to. Hmmm… what do I do with this curiosity though? :D

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    This is so awesome! Thank you guys so much! It feels so good to be back!

    I think from now on I will reply to your comments via your own blogs instead of here. I don’t really know if anybody ever comes back to read replies. Of course if you don’t have a blog I will always reply to your comments right here or via email! :)

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    you bet i’m still reading Wing-It, River! glad you’re back – while i like The Crafty Kook, my heart has always been with Wing-It! i love the new look! :D

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    Yay for the return of Mr. Wing-It on Wing-It Vegan!! And what a question–OF COURSE we will follow you. Anywhere. ;)

    And may I just say that you are so very artistically talented?? Love the little icons!

    The tortillas look great, too, of course :D

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    Welcome back, River! (I never deleted wing-it…I must have known!) I’ve pretty much deleted my old blog because I am going to be turning it into something a little different (I, too, do a whole lot more than cook!) Watch for it in the fall. And I’ll keep reading and loving Wing-it!

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    Well, I just started following The Crafty Kook like yesterday…but I “guess” I’ll come over here, too. :) I cannot pass up crafty cooking of any kind – right up my alley – or any talk of Gilmore Girls, etc. I can’t wait to refer to the holiday this year as Halloweegan.

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    Welcome back! YAY! I have missed you writing on this blog, too. For some reason, our shared affection for Gilmore Girls and Lost in Austen just didn’t have the same ring to them over on The Crafty Kook (although, of course I read every post over there, too!).

    When I visited Spain during my year abroad in France, I basically ate a Spanish tortilla (those made of potato) daily, so I’m quite intrigued by these chickpea flour tortillitas.

    Oh, and Bianca is rad; not only for her super-sweet post about this blog, but also just in general. :)

    So glad to have Wing-It Vegan back in action!

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