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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Mojo - No MoFo (Veggieloaf Coffin and Mashed Potato Ghosts, Sandwich Cookies)

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*I deleted the first paragraph because Wing-It Vegan is not out of commission anymore! *

I have been the biggest blogging and emailing slacker lately. There is no excuse other than my recent internet aversion and a general feeling of blahness that has kept me from cooking or baking anything blog-worthy. There were big plans for Halloweegan and MoFo but they didn't materialize, and all I have to share with you are these few goodies that I managed to make a couple of weeks ago. I am not worthy of MoFo this year. *hangs head in shame*

Veggieloaf coffin and mashed potato ghosts

Make your favorite veggieloaf recipe but instead of baking it in a loaf pan, shape it into little coffins (with your hands), bake them and draw a ketchup cross on top of them. You can use this recipe if you don't already have a favorite veggieloaf. You can shape the mashed potato ghosts with a spoon like these ghosts from last year's Halloweegan, or you could always use a pastry bag or Ziploc bag to squeeze them onto the plate. They have little ketchup eyes and mouths that I drew with a toothpick.

Now that we got the savory stuff out of the way let's move on to the sweet goodies! I made some Cat and Bat Cookies using this shortbread recipe (with Earth Balance.) I cut them into circles and then used tiny bat and cat shaped cookie cutters to cut little "windows" out of half of the circles. The filling on each cookie is sandwiched between a circle cookie and a window cookie. The Bat Cookies have strawberry preserves in the middle and the Cat Cookies have chocolate ganache.

Halloweegan Bat Sandwich Cookies
Strawberry sandwich cookies

Halloweegan Kitty Sandwich Cookies
Chocolate sandwich cookies

One more sweet treat before I turn my keys in. This is a very easy Halloweegan treat. It's a chocolate cake spell book with buttercream "pages" and a chocolate ganache "cover". I used the basic chocolate cupcake recipe from VCTOTW and baked it in an 8x8 inch dish, then cut the cake (at room temperature) into nine squares that later became nine little spell books. There is buttercream (also from VCTOTW) on three sides. I ran a fork alongside the buttercream to make it look like pages of a book. I spread some chocolate ganache (yep, VCTOTW) on the top and "spine" of each book, and threw some sprinkles on the spines while the ganache was still sticky. I wrote down "spell book" with leftover buttercream.

Halloweegan Spell Book
Mini spell book cake

Notice a little someone holding a broom in the background there? That is my little cold porcelain witch and kitty that I made a couple of months ago.

Cold porcelain witch and kitty
Witchita and her little black Kitty!

That is indeedy Witchita with a "T". I've been working with cold porcelain and other crafty goods lately and you will see plenty of craftiness on my future new blog. I'm nowhere near a professional crafter, but I would still love to share my wonky creations with you.

See you guys soon! I hope everyone is having a lovely Autumn, or Spring depending on where you are!

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