Tuesday, July 8, 2008




  1. I love your travel photos. When we travel we bring all of our own food. Rarely dining at a restaurant. Obviously by my blog, there are few restaurant reviews, because you and I are very much alike in the germ factor. And the fact that I am too cheap. I look at the cost of the meal I paid for and think how much I could have bought at the grocery store on that amount of money. The only problem I have had with some hotels are the lack of a kitchen in most. Just a fridge and microwave. Which I guess is better than nothing. I am looking forward to more travel pictures. xoxo

  2. Thanks, Krys! We haven't taken any good travel pictures this year yet. But soon we will hit Yellowstone and that's where all the good stuff is! :)

    Yep. The germ factor keeps me from eating out too. Did you hear about that cop that is suing Burger King because one of the workers had spat on the patty that he ordered? The article is here, but I must warn you that it's really disgusting! I'm so glad we never eat out! Yuck!

    We are cheap too, eating out is expensive and if you can't enjoy the meal because you're paranoid about what they did to it in the kitchen then it's not worth it. But I'd rather be paranoid than eat spit-burgers! :P

  3. That is so disgusting. Ugh. I also get frustrated at the few times we have gone out to eat and the food tasted mediocre. I could have cooked the same meal for a lot less, it might have tasted better and I would have money leftover. I'll stay at home and save my money so I can take my two little guys on awesome roadtrips.

    I am looking forward to the Yellowstone pictures.

  4. That's true! I guess after eating homecooked meals all the time, restaurant food just doesn't taste very good.

    We're only a few weeks away from Yellowstone, but I'm already excited about it! :)

  5. WOW these are beautiful pictures! I am especially loving the one of the redwoods, absolutely gorgeous