No Mojo – No MoFo (Veggieloaf Coffin and Mashed Potato Ghosts, Sandwich Cookies)

*I deleted the first paragraph because Wing-It Vegan is not out of commission anymore!  *
I have been the biggest blogging and emailing slacker lately. There is no excuse other than my recent internet aversion and a general feeling of blahness that has kept me from cooking or baking anything blog-worthy. There were big plans for Halloweegan and MoFo but they didn’t materialize, and all I have to share with you are these few goodies that I managed to make a couple of weeks ago. I am not worthy of MoFo this year. *hangs head in shame*


Halloweegan veggie-loaf coffin and mashed potato ghosts
Veggieloaf coffin and mashed potato ghosts

Make your favorite veggieloaf recipe but instead of baking it in a loaf pan, shape it into little coffins (with your hands), bake them and draw a ketchup cross on top of them. You can use this recipe if you don’t already have a favorite veggieloaf. You can shape the mashed potato ghosts with a spoon like these ghosts from last year’s Halloweegan, or you could always use a pastry bag or ziploc to squeeze them onto the plate. They have little ketchup eyes and mouths that I drew with a toothpick.

Now that we got the savory stuff out of the way let’s move on to the sweet goodies! I made some Cat and Bat Cookies using this shortbread recipe (with Earth Balance.) I cut them into circles and then used tiny bat and cat shaped cookie cutters to cut little “windows” out of half of the circles. The filling on each cookie is sandwiched between a circle cookie and a window cookie. The Bat Cookies have strawberry preserves in the middle and the Cat Cookies have chocolate ganache.

Halloweegan Bat Sandwich Cookies
Strawberry sandwich cookies


Halloweegan Kitty Sandwich Cookies
Chocolate sandwich cookies

One more sweet treat before I turn my keys in. This is a very easy Halloweegan treat. It’s a chocolate cake spell book with buttercream “pages” and a chocolate ganache “cover”. I used the basic chocolate cupcake recipe from VCTOTW and baked it in an 8×8 inch dish, then cut the cake (at room temperature) into nine squares that later became nine little spell books. There is buttercream (also from VCTOTW) on three sides. I ran a fork alongside the buttercream to make it look like pages of a book. I spread some chocolate ganache (yep, VCTOTW) on the top and “spine” of each book, and threw some sprinkles on the spines while the ganache was still sticky. I wrote down “spell book” with leftover buttercream.

Halloweegan Spell Book
Mini spell book cake

Notice a little someone holding a broom in the background there? That is my little cold porcelain witch and kitty that I made a couple of months ago.

Cold porcelain witch and kitty
Witchita and her little black Kitty!

That is indeedy Witchita with a “T”. I’ve been working with cold porcelain and other crafty goods lately and you will see plenty of craftiness on my future new blog. I’m nowhere near a professional crafter, but I would still love to share my crazy creations with you, my awesome readers who don’t seem to be scared away regardless of how much craziness I throw at you.

See you guys soon! I hope everyone is having a lovely Autumn, or Spring depending on where you are!


  1. Anonymous says

    Have 2 blogs, that’s what I did. One for my lifes rantings and my cooking blog to show poeple my food journey to a better life in the food world.

    You are an amazing woman. But do nto feel you need to post on a daily basis, you will only be setting yourself up for failure. Post when the mood strikes you, for then it will truly mena something. You have nothing to prove to your adoring fans…we already love you.

    It’s me, The Cooking Lady

  2. says

    Noooooooo! I hope some day if you feel up to it you’ll join Mofo again. But I understand people’s coming & going on the net. Thanks for letting us know so we wouldn’t be left wondering!!

    And your Halloween treats are The Best.

  3. says

    Just one last question, I promise! Did you cut out the shapes in the cookies before you baked them or after they were baked? And did you sandwich the cookies together with jelly before or after they were baked?


  4. says

    Oh this is sad but also good, I am glad you are not leaving us entirely! I will most definitely visit you at your new blog-home :D

    I love the ghosts and the cookies, I must make something special for Halloween this year!

  5. says

    You are so talented and creative, River! This was a great Halloweegan post. I love reading about your travels as much as I love reading about your food. I think the new blog is a terrific idea and I look forward to it.

  6. says

    i’m sadfaced wing-it vegan is closing shop, but then i got all happyfaced reading that you’ll be creating a new blog all about your travels, some road eatz, and all the awesome the craftiness! see you again super soon, River! :)

    hugs & happyfaces are coming your way!

  7. says

    I LOVE your Halloween goodies. Can’t wait to see the new blog. I hope you leave this blog open, too so we can come back and see all your awesome creations!

  8. says

    Sigh…it does make SENSE that a person with SENSIBILITY will eventually need more to inspire and go to great heights.

    Can’t believe it’s been a year since Helloweegan…I’ve known you for a YEAR! YAY for us!

    Will definitely be following you and your ‘Emma’ adventures….


  9. says

    Ahhh and to leave us after all of those gorgeous treats! I will follow you on whatever blog you write! Please post the link up to this one though when you do so I can find you as quickly as possible! Take care and be well! Happy Fall!

  10. says

    I look to forward to reading your new blog. I am sorry to see that you weren’t MoFoing this year, but I don’t blame you. I love the pictures in this post. Your Halloween treats are adorable as always!

  11. says

    i am sad this blog is no more but glad that you’re not leaving the blogosphere! hurrah for a new blog.

    your spellbook cakes are absolutely stunning and the mash ghosts are so cute.

  12. says

    *passes tissues*
    I always knew you were a crafty one.
    I am super excited to see your new digs so please let me know when you’re all moved in and ready for a blog warming party.
    And such an awesome post to leave on too, this totally captures the spirit of river and is the reason why you are loved and adored the world over.
    Those spell book cakes had me weeping tears of happiness – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more awesome cake in my little life. I’m gonna do this for Halloween this year but being the lazy MoFo’er that I am I’m just gonna do one big one.


  13. says

    I am sad, but glad to hear that you are starting a new blog!! I love all the Halloween goodies, you are so creative. And Witchita is completely adorable. Have fun at your breakfast block party :)

    See you soon, at new blog!

  14. says

    End of an era! *Weep*

    But you are not leaving us, you are just moving! *Yay!*

    Let me know if you need a hand carrying virtual removal boxes across the blogosphere to your new place! >;P

    You went out with a bang though! Those bat and cat sammich cookies look amazingly good! *WANT* Nom,nom,nom!

    And your meatloaf recipe is still my all time favourite vegan food EVER, so it was nice that it reappeared for your final post! I wish I could have some mashed potato ghosties for lunch, they look so yummy! <3

    Now onto those spellbook cakes~ So you made a sheet cake, and rather than decorating it to make one big spellbook you cut it up and made 9 tiny, intricate, individual ones?!? Above and beyond the call of duty! But super cute!

    So this is really the end? No more Wing-It Vegan? (Does this mean I need to make you a new apron?!?).

    See you at the new place! *waves*

  15. says

    I’m excited to see what the new blog brings! Your joyful and creative posts on here will be missed, but I can’t wait to see the travel photos and whatever else you “cook” up! much love!

  16. says

    Looking forward to the new blog and will keep checking back to this one to keep myself inspired. My own mofo mojo is a bit low this year.

  17. says

    Well, as the mashed potato ghosties accompany Wing It Vegan’s swansong, all I can say is I can’t wait to see your new blog! I know whatever you post about, it’ll never be any less than entertaining! xoxo DJ

  18. says

    Oh no!!! Yours was the blog I was most looking forward to reading this month! Thank you thank you for the last few recipe ideas though. I am definitely going to make those bat cookie for my halloween party! Can’t wait to see your new blog, and I hope that if you ever have more awesome food ideas you can stick em over on the new blog, even if it isn’t primarily about food :)

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