I Love Your Freaky Face, Your Steamy, Freaky Face!

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my previous posts! I am having so much fun with all your guesses! From hotel inspectors to a traveling circus, all the speculation has been very entertaining. If I ever reveal what it is that we do, it’s going to be so anticlimactic compared to all your fabulous guesses.

Have you heard the excellent news? Ricki from Diet, Dessert and Dogs has been chosen as one of five finalists in the Well Fed Network’s Food Blog Awards for her beyond amazing writing! The official name of the category is “Best Food Blog: Writing“. Now, this is no shocker, Ricki’s writing is fantastically witty and captivating. Whenever I start reaching the end of her posts, I start pacing myself to make them last longer. You know, like when you’re eating a piece of chocolate and it’s so good that you start swirling it around in your mouth because you don’t want it to end? Kind of like that. Oh yea, and then there’s the drool inducing food porn and the fabulous recipes. And let’s not forget about the adorable puppies (they can even type!). Oh, did I mention that Ricki has a SWEET contest going on? Oh yes, Ricki is giving away Ritter Sport peppermint chocolate bars! Chocolate I’m telling you! If you are lucky enough to live in the Toronto area, then you can also win some of Ricki’s amazing home baked goodies from her upcoming cookbook. So if you haven’t yet, check out Ricki’s blog and click here to vote for Diet, Dessert and Dogs! Update: Voting ends Saturday, January 24th at 8 pm EST.

Moving on to some non-sweet edibles, I saw that Erin (Vegan Homemade) made some fried quinoa and it looked so darn good that I got a serious case of the copycats. So that’s what we had tonight, fried quinoa with veggies and TVP clusters. Thanks Erin for the awesome idea! By the way, I need to buy me a wok so my clumsy hands don’t spill quinoa all over the stove top!

Fried Quinoa

Random Food Mention: I’m a big fan of scones, and biscuits, and biscuity scones! That’s what I chose to call these stove top thingies – biscuity scones. Or does sconey biscuits sound better? Biscuity scones reminds me of Lemony Snicket! Anyway, the idea of stove top scones came from Baking for Britain. I made mine with whole wheat flour and flax, and baking powder instead of baking soda, and no buttermilk, so I don’t quite know if they are scones or biscuits – or neither!

Biscuity Scones

Random Road Picture: Want to see something freaky? This picture is another one of our very many Yellowstone National Park pictures. It’s a very steamy little cascade in the hot springs area of Yellowstone. Is it just me or do you see a freaky face there?

Nothing? Here’s what I see…

Anyone? No? *crickets chirping* Must be time to go to bed then! Happy Friday! :)

PS: What’s with the post title?


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    Okay, so I’m way late on the commenting, but I’m glad you tried the fried quinoa! It’s good, huh? Oh, and a wok is kind of key, I’ve found. I only use mine for stirfrys and such, which I don’t make that often, but it’s definitely worth the storage space it takes up.

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    quinoa is soooooo good. the fried quinoa dish that you made looks so yummy.

    What cooking equip do you travel w/ now? does it all go in a suitcase?

    I see the face. the nose drool is so nice…

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    Yes while you have been working hard on adding numbers I was busy working on lowering numbers.
    I had gone to the Dr. in July.. after becoming Vegan in May… to be sure I was getting the right stuff in my diet.
    I was SHOCKED when they called and told me I had high cholesterol. Who knows how high it WAS.. you know before may??? I dropped it 35 points!
    So as far as niext months “new number” for you.. I think its exciting! You have earned it and should celebrate each day.. My goal for my birthday is to make this year be a more activist year. Thanks for stooping by my page. Your such a great blogger buddy!

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    No worries Rivvy…google reader is weird on me sometimes.

    But thank you for the wish. It’s very thoughtful of you…huggies and squeezies.

    Yes mandarin oranges are good…nom nom!

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    oh my gosh river. i totally know what you mean about that face!!! the nose is my favorite part. haha

    your biscuity scones look awesome. nothing like warmed baked goods straight outta the oven.

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    i definitely see the face! the weird thing is, i see an eye on the left side that is actually higher than the brow bone. now that’s freaky!

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    OMG! Is that a luke’s dinner (from gilmore girls) cup? If so – tell me where you live so I can steal it (or less freaky… tell me where you got it!) lol

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    i want your luke’s mug so bad :(
    me and my mom watch gilmore girls together almost every night! i have all the seasons. when we get through them all we just start back at 1 :P it’s great fun.

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    omg! you’re right! there IS a face…lol! and it’s got a nasty cold from this chilly weather!
    those biscuity scones look so dense and filling and homey! yum…
    btw, I’ve tried cooking quinoa but always ended up hating it…but so many ppl swear by it! I wonder what I’m doing wrong?

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    Hi River,

    Your fried quinoa looks delicious!

    I also totally see a face in that picture but in a different location from where you pointed it out. In the version I see you can even see the detail of an eyeball.

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    Thanks, guys! That’s freaky that some of you see the same face and some see a different one!

    Tara – you must go if you get a chance! It’s breathtaking!

    Jeni – that’s too freaky! I think I see another face, I’ll stop by your blog and see if it’s the same one you see.

    Becks – you guessed it! Bear waker-upperers. Excellent deductive skills! :)

    Stacey – duly noted. Thanks for the tip!

    Jes – that’s awesome!! I’m so glad you like them! :)

    Everybody give it up for Ricki!! :)

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    Biscuity scones–mmm yeah! I’ve been making your English Muffiny Stove Top things like mad this past week. No seriously, I’ve made them 3 times in the past 7 days. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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    Love the biscuity scones! I feel like the freaky steamy face right now. I got some allergy thing going on today – been sneezing all morning! I’d recommend investing in a really good non-stick wok. We got a cheapo one and stuff always gets stuck to it.

    p.s. The word verification is porooty!

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    I see the freaky face! Neato!

    I’ve never heard of stovetop scones, what a great idea! I don’t have a griddle, but maybe I could do a half batch in my cast iron pan…

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    yum! your quinoa looks delicious! and the scones/biscuits! either way they look very yummy :)

    i am loving your pictures! i hope you are enjoying your travels!

    p.s i love funny face :) one of my favorite films!

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    Weird. I totally see a different face, but I see yours too! I say Erin’s fried quinoa and it made me want some as well. I’d really like to give that a try!

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    Creepy face! :) Again, with the baked goods. I love it. I’m getting back in the kitchen this weekend, so I’ll try to do some baking of my own. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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    ooooooooh! that is a freaky face there! eek! that’s crazy, River!

    i saw Ricki’s post and i’m totally keeping my fingers crossed for the candy! mmmmmmmmmmm! her blog is so awesome – i was happy to vote for her, too! w00t!

    your fried quinoa = beautiful! and tasty looking! soooo tasty looking! dan & i may have to get some quinoa and try it out – looks too delicious not to!

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    That quinoa looks great! LOL – I do the same thing EVERY TIME I COOK, no matter how carefully I pour – quinoa spills EVERYWHERE!

    I do see a freaky face – but I see a profile version, not the same as you! Love it!

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    River, you are just too much! First, I must tell all your readers that I did NOT financially (or any other way) compensate River for this amazing endorsement! Thank you so much, and good luck on the contest (for which you are now entered–twice!) :) Oh, and whatever it is that you do, perhaps you’d like to come be my agent instead??

    Second: FOOD! Love the biscuits (I, too am a fan of anything sconey-biscuity)! And fried quinoa? Brilliant.

    Finally–Yes, I absolutely see the exact same face! What’s more freaky–the face, or that we both see it the same way? doo doo doo doo (twilight zone music–sorry, I can’t hum very well!) ;)

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    ahahahha I DO see the face but after you’ve pointed it.

    You are the Scully to MR.Wing It Moulder. lollers!

    I am such a copy cat myself…the quinoa looks good!!!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments abt the collages *beams. I’m glad you like it. I wonder if Benry will too?
    cannot wait to get lost next week….dum dum dum
    Hope ya get to watch it when on the road rivvy!


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    O.K I’m gonna have a guess at your job~ Are you a Bear Waker-upperer? (do you travel round from park to park telling the bears that it’s time to come out of hibernation?).
    Sconey Biscuit ~ Lemony Snicket! It’s like Cockney Rhyming Slang! (except you liked it the other way round? Silly rabbit!).
    I love all of your National Park pictures! And snotty rock dude is no exception!!
    Happy Friday River! *Hugs*

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    I totally see a freaky face but the features are a bit different to where you see yours. Cool Huh!
    Those Biscuity Scones look yummers and the fact that they’re a bit confused pleases me even more.
    Have a FANTABULOUS weekend River.

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    I totally see a freaky face! You are so lucky, having gone to Yellowstone! I love Denali Nat’l Park but would really like to see Yellowstone. Oh, and the fried quinoa looks great!

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