Gastronomus Maximus and Juicer Giveaway!

How exciting it is to get gifts in the mail! Amey, the ever so lovely, coolest happy-breakfast eater and neighborhood terror, was so kind to send a few of us lucky readers a copy of her Gastronomus Maximus – a “cartoony vegan cookbooklet” full of delicious recipes and the most adorable cartoon characters! Thank you, Amey! So far I have had the pleasure of making these:

Crimson Cabbage Borscht
Crimson Cabbage Borscht (could this picture be more overexposed?)
The borscht was so perfect and comforting. It was so beautifully red and chunky too, even the potatoes turned red thanks to Mr. Beet! Magic soup!
Diner Loaf
Diner Loaf (mini loaves with baked potatoes and carrots)
The diner loaf made the whole house smell so good while it was baking. I made little loaves instead of a big one because that’s just how I roll.
Grilled Herb Tofu
Grilled Herb Tofu (I am so proud of this picture!)
This tofu was beyond delicious, even though it didn’t get to marinate for as long as it should have. This might just be my favorite way to eat tofu from now on!
“You Got Peanut Butter In My Chocolate” Cookies
Oh, the cookies! They are ridiculously good and highly addictive. Every bite is a peanut-buttery chocolate dream! These are from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. What is it with Dreena and all her cookie fabulousness?

Healthy Juicer Giveaway Time!!

The nice folks at have asked me if I would like to sponsor a big super duper juicer giveaway. Oh, yes I would! So, I will be holding a contest for two weeks, and the lucky winner will get a Healthy Juicer from Lexen Products. will be supplying the juicer at no cost to the lucky winner.

The Lexen Healthy Juicer is an amazing easy and effective wheatgrass and leafy green juicer, making it the most popular on the market.” I want one too! Go check it out on their website!!

If you win, I will ask you to email me your name and address so I can forward it to the representative and they will ship the juicer immediately. There can only be one winner, and the winner must be in the USA (I’m so sorry, my dearest international readers!) The contest ends Wednesday, February 11th at 12:00 am CST.
We all know how juicing is so good for us and it gives us lots of energy and power and all that good stuff. But what if it gave us SUPERpowers?!

So, to enter the contest, answer this question on the comments section of this post:

If juicing turned you into a super-hero, what would your superpower be? Flying? Super strength? Invisibility? Time-travel? The ability to get your cats to actually do what you want every now and then? Don’t be afraid to let your superpower get as wacky as you want, or as simple as you want! :)

If you already have a juicer, or you are extremely generous, or don’t live in the US, you can still play and nominate another blogger instead! Just make sure they know you have entered them in the contest. So, say you live in Narnia and can’t enter the contest, you can still leave a comment (don’t forget your superpower!) and nominate a buddy from the US!

My lovely lurkers (I shall now refer to you as LL, ’cause I’m cool like that) please feel free to come out and play! :)

I just could never pick a winner myself, so I will just use one of those random number generator thingies to pick a winner. I will however showcase the most creative superpowers on my future posts, just for fun!

Well, I think that covers everything. I might have to update this if I’m suffering from a severe case of Airheaditis.

Good luck to everyone!

UPDATE: I’m stealing this idea from Ricki – if you mention my giveaway on your blog and link back to this post you get an extra entry! Just leave another comment on this post to give me a heads up! :)


  1. Anonymous says

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  2. says

    I never win things, but I’ll enter anyway because I liked your question about superpowers.

    I would like the superhero power of being able to go back in time 5 minutes and keep the knowledge of the first time. Bascially to call “DO OVERS” on things that frustrate my day!

    I enjoy your posts! Thanks for sharing! -Zooey

  3. says

    My super power would be that I could time travel at will, forward *and* backward. I sure hope I win the juicer – one of my resolutions for 2009 is to get healthy and fit, and I’ve been looking at juicers already!

  4. says

    I’d like the superduper ability of snapping my fingers, where by my husband will automatically declare that of course he will cook me breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner… Any kind of meal (take-out doesn’t count!) for us. Because I always cook and he slacks off by playing Nintendo, doing fantasy sports, etc. Is this asking too much?

  5. says

    i love my juicer. I just need recipes. It gives me the super power to dance on the floor like an idiot, sing at the top of my lungs and carry small children over my head for at least 12 minutes at a time, so on tuesdays I can watch 14 2 year olds and 20 3,4,and 5 year olds!
    When are you making a cookbook, and how can I barter for one??

  6. emily says

  7. says

    i would LOVE to have invisibility!
    or even have invisibility cloak like from harry potter!

    I linked back to your giveaway post for that extra number~ thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. says

    Hi River,
    I really hope I win this juicer. Um. My superpower is the ability to turn yeasted breads into gluten free products with the wee click of my tongue. You know it!


  9. says

    Thanks so much for featuring my answer in your post :)

    I mentioned your giveaway and added a link to this post on my blog- check it out @

    p.s. i thought those chocolate hearts looked awesome! trust me, they are professional compared to what mine would look like. melted chocolate is hard to work with!

  10. says

    I am one of your lurkers :o)

    My superpower? I would like to not have to worry about money…and to have the ability to help others out so that THEY don’t have to worry either!


  11. says

    I thought of a better superpower~
    I would like the ability to turn any cat I stroke back into a kitten (as they are all eternal kittens at heart) then they could live long, happy, lives – forever with their pet humans >;oD

  12. says

    Juicin’ Super Power: I’d like to remain graceful and understanding at all times.

    I am a lurker, but I love your blog and read up every week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Anonymous says

    I am one of the lurkers, not very computer literate so I just enjoy your blog. My super power would to be to convince the world to go VEGAN, to make vegan the norm in our society. Super Vegan!!
    Pam in Green Bay, WI

  14. says

    Fortunately, I have not seen any rap videos of Joaquin’s… and I am hoping to keep it that way! The recent pic I saw scared me so much that I would just like to pretend he does not look like that. When I think of him, I will keep “the old him” in my mind.

  15. says

    I wanted to make those cookies this weekend, but didn’t get around to it. They look so good!

    As for my superpower.. I would LOVE to be able to read minds. I know ppl don’t think this is a really cool power (as you may find out things you did not want to), but I think it would be super cool to have this. The only thing I would want is that I would have to be able to “turn it off and on”.

    That juicer looks amazing!! I’m excited for the giveaway!

  16. says

    Superpower: Ability to stop time! Much like Jenn said, I want to pause the world while I take care of major errands and “the business” side of livin’ (or a nap).

    Amazing pictures!

  17. says

    All that food looks soooo good River – ALL of it.
    My super power would be to make the people at 877MyJuicer let people who live in Europe enter this FAB giveaway!!
    Hee hee hee.

    *weeps in a corner somewhere, in Spain*

  18. says

    My super power would be the ability to make reading (books, blogs, whatever) give me the same results as sleeping. That way I wouldn’t feel so tired the next day when I stay up until 1am reading blogs.

  19. says

    ahh this is soo exciting, river!!!

    my superpower would be to turn into a vampire because i’d want to live a life with edward cullen!!

    lost is soo good already!! desmond is one of my future husbands… along with sawyer that is… and edward haha

  20. says

    I would like the super power to control time. I would stop time and get stuff done and then turn it back on and wow everyone with how efficient I am. I’d bake lots of cookies and personally deliver them to you on your road trip adventures.

    Like that?

  21. says

    Those recipes look yummy. Any cookbook that combines cartoons and food deserves some love.

    My superpower would definitely be teleportation. Imagine! Snapping your fingers and you’re already there!!! Then I could visit my nieces every week instead of once a year.

    This is my first visit here, I’m looking forward to reading more!

  22. says

    I just realized someone else already said something like this but my super power would (hopefully) be to communicate with plants. I read it once in a young adult book and I though that was the coolest magic ever. Sometimes I am able to raise plants well but sometimes I fail miserably and it would be great if I could just talk to the plant and give it what it needs.

  23. says

    oh, no offense! She gets it all the time, as you might imagine. It’s obviously the fault of her crazy human parents who named her after a man. :)

  24. says

    oh, and if i had a super power, it would be the power to talk to my pets and tell them how much we love them, and that we will keep them safe, and they can stop worrying. Especially little Stevie Wonder. She worries a lot.

  25. says

    I love all the pictures from my cookbooklet! that’s so rad. Your tofu picture really is lovely… it’s not easy to make slabs of tofu look so beautiful. :) I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed the recipes you’ve made so far. Yippee!

  26. says

    I love your tofu picture too! And I need to make those diner loaves. They look really yummy.

    My superpower would be the ability to teleport. I have a long commute to and from work and traffic stresses me out.

  27. says

    yay! ya stopped by….hehehe yea i give up on “booger”. i have no idea what’s wrong….but blushes am glad u like the new site. there are more functions and this silly goat here will take awhile to get used to it. ohhh for the love of blogging!

    anyway good luck with felicity’s. she “kills” me with awesome foodie every time! pure evil but xoxoxoxo still. kinda like some wing it vegan i know! hmph!

  28. says

    Not sure if this counts as a superpower, but I always thought it would be cool to have a tail! I am klutzy and always thought it would help my balance LOL!

  29. says

    I’d wish for the superpower to speak canine (in case of regional/breed differences, the American rat terrier dialect), mostly so I can ask my middle dog to stop eating his brother’s and sister’s poo.

    My dreams, they’re small.

  30. says

    my super power would be to be able to convince people into doing good things.

    currently my power is very limited. I will use some of it to get myself to make some of those yummy looking cookies…..

  31. says

    Oooh fun, a give-away! First, though, the food pictures look rad! I think I’d do a lot for one of those cookies right now…

    And now to answer the question. :) If my juicer turned me into a superhero, my superpower would be the ability to instantly remember any definition or etymology of any work in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). Wacky superpower, but it’d be handy!!

  32. says

    I think all your photos are fabu, River! I’ve never had the borscht, but you make it sound so wonderful! Now, do I have to move back to the US to start getting in on the giveaway goodness or what?! :)

  33. says

    So exciting!

    If I had selfless juicer-superpowers, I would make sure that nobody in the world ever went hungry (by feeding them delightful vegan dishes).

    If I had selfish juicer-superpowers, I would be able to transform a craving into a delicious dinner with a wave of my wooden spoon :-)

  34. says

    The food looks fabulous!

    My superpower would be to fly around the world and spread peace and love. To help people be more understanding and caring toward one another, people and animals.

  35. says

    I can’t wait to make that borchst! Its on my to-do-very-soon list! I can’t believe you made like almost all the recipes in the book already. You are a kitchen champ!

    And that is a very nice tofu picture. You should be proud.

    As for the juicer, I have a veggie/fruit juicer, but is this a wheatgrass juicer? I’ve been dying for one of those!

    If wheatgrass juicing gave me super-powers, I’d want the power to fix the economy and give everyone’s jobs back right away.

  36. says

    I want super mommy power. I want to be able to take care of the baby, cook dinner, do laundry, watch a great movie with my husband, and walk the dog….all in the same night! Dare to dream…

  37. says

    Amey’s Gastronomus Maximus yummies look amazing! i love the tofu photo too, River – it’s so pretty & super tasty looking!

    looks like i need to make those cookies, too! gotta locate my ED&BV book and i’ll be all set! wahoooooooo! that’s too cool on the juicer give-away, River! awesomeface!

  38. says

    I love Amey’s Gastronomus Maximus too! Your borscht is so bright and red. And yes, the tofu picture is awesome. GOod eats!! (especially those cookies.. I may have to go home and make some myself)
    A juicer giveaway, how fun!! I think my superpower would be: the ability to tap anyone with my magic wand and they would instantly want to go vegan! Wouldn’t that be cool?

  39. says

    I am drinking some green juice (which I can’t make myself because I don’t have a juicer) and pondering a superpower…

    I think that I would like to be able to move at ligtening speed. That way I could do everything really, really fast and spend more time lounging around with friends and family.

  40. says

    TIME-TRAVEL all the way! I would LOVE that…
    what is that loaf made of? It looks so darn tasty! and so does that tofu! I know you can’t share the recipe, but…hints? pretty please with greek yogurt on top? All your food looks so professionally made!

  41. says

    I would love a juicer, I would give it to my mother who is battling an undiagnosed chronic pain and fatigue disorder. Maybe it would help her. If I could have any super power, it would be to heal people who need such as my mother, and to make sure no animal or person doesn’t have a warm place to sleep at night.

  42. says

    Your food pictures are beautiful as always! Mmmm, cookies.

    Superpower time~
    Right now I’d settle for the ability to digest soya milk without it making me feel super-poorly >:o(
    (And as I can’t enter the giveaway due to my geographical issues ~ I pay it forward to the wonderful Tara, kay?) >:oD

  43. says

    But River…do you roll like the wheels on the bus. HAH!

    My super power. You had to ask, didn’t ya. I think I would like to power to morph into another thing. Like Mystique of X-Men, or Odo of Star Trek DS9. How coll would that be.

    I’m waaaiting for that tofu recipe. Savanah and I are learning to cook ‘and’ enjoy tofu, but we need input (that was my Short Circuit reference).

  44. Minh says

    My superpower… I would be able to dance ballet for hours and never get tired! I would be able to jump, jump, jump, do 11 pirouettes, 32 fouettes, have amazing extensions, and not break a sweat.

  45. says

    o.m.g. everything looks awesome. i’m definitely into preparing tofu as many ways as possible…my new thing is baking it, but this preparation looks awesome too! yummm

  46. says

    Those cookies look…. deliciously deadly. Wowza.

    If I could have any superpower from juicing, I would have the power to teleport anywhere in the blink of an eye. I want to be able to see any of my loved ones all around the world whenever I want.

  47. says

    Awesome looking tofu!!
    My super power would be to eat french fries anytime, and all the time, without any ill health effects. And I’ll nominate Jane, the commenter right above me, if this number gets chosen.

  48. says

    I love your idea for the giveaway entry!! Such a creative question!

    My answer is inspired by the horribly cold and miserable weather that I’m experiencing here in PA. I would have the power to form an invisible protective bubble around myself so i wouldn’t feel the outside temperature, but rather, a nice warm 70 degrees. Oh, and it would be weather resistant so I could have gone running in the FREEZING RAIN today (can you tell i’m bitter?!)

    Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to win a juicer!

    p.s. the tofu looks good- did you use dried herbs/spices or fresh ones?

  49. says

    Amazing looking tofu and cookies!!

    As for my super power… I’d love to be able to conjure up an oven and stove top (and full pantry) wherever I may be so that I can fight back when hunger strikes!

  50. says

    MMMM your you got pb in my choc cookies look GREAT! mine never look that pretty and swirly…the peanut butter always blends in a little more than i’d like…but i’m guessing they still taste the same, so i am well aware of their brilliance :) also, in case anyone is wondering, i’ve made them subbing in mashed bananas for most of the oil, and they’re great that way!

  51. says

    Wow! Those recipes look fabulous. So excited about that booklet! And how is it I keep missing all these wonderful appliance folks with free giveaways??? Good luck, everyone (so sad I can’t enter. . .sniff! ).

  52. says

    Your tofu looks gorgeous and I’d better never make those cookies because I would eat them all!

    My super power would be to have mad backcountry skills–never getting tired no matter how long the hike or how heavy my pack, always knowing the perfect spot to pitch a tent, starting roaring fires in the middle of rainstorms, that sort of thing. Maybe a juicer would help me do those things!

  53. says

    Your tofu looks so good…I think it just convinced me that I should actually make something for dinner tonight instead of just continuing to eat cookies and ricemellow fluff.

    I just caught up on last week’s episode of LOST. I’m totally going to watch it tonight though, it isn’t as fun a week later…during the day…lame.

  54. says

    Can I have those cookies instead of the ultra-healthy juicer?? ;-) Just kidding, I’ll take both! My super power? I thought you’d never ask! I’d be able to bake like Hannah (Bittersweet), craft like HalfPintPixie, speak French like Shellyfish (Musings from the FishBowl), be a super-Mama like Amanda (SouleMama), Miranda (Nurtured by Love) and Miri (Here We are Together), and travel the world for pay like Wing It Vegan!

  55. says

    I would like the superpower to be able to create new vegan restaurants on the spot. Not only would that make it awesome for me as I could have some foods whenever I want, but it would make the switch to veganism easier for people b/c there would be restaurants everywhere!

    Yay for juicer giveaway! :)

  56. says

    omg! lost is tonight???? i have been doing my marathon i cant tell time and day anymore.

    your food is amazing…rivvy you are such a good cook…no you are a real CHEF…you’re remi from ratatouille!

    that tofu is amazing…what spices or marinade did it have?

    i am so proud of it too my lil’ remi!
    u are less furry and obviously do not carry the bubonic plague.

    u carry love and joy;)


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