Some Coconut Cream Frosting Pageantry

Oh, the coconut milk frosting! I’ve developed a rabid addiction to it and I like it! Today I made a small batch of chocolate cupcakes, all with different variations of coconut cream frosting. To tell you all about each flavor, let’s give it up for the stars of Miss Coconut Frosting Pageant.  Ladies, please enter the stage…

Coconut Cream Frostings
Thank you, ladies. First on the catwalk (cakewalk?) is Miss Coconut-Peanut Butter wearing a lovely chocolate-sprinkles outfit. Miss Coconut-Peanut Butter is made with one part peanut butter, two parts firm coconut cream, maple syrup, and vanilla. Thank you Miss Coconut-Peanut Butter.

Next, behind and to the left of Miss Coconut-Peanut Butter, is Miss Chocolate-Coconut in a crunchy crushed-macadamia nut gown. Miss Coconut-Chocolate is made with firm coconut cream, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. Thank you Miss Coconut-Chocolate.

Here comes Miss Coconut Crushed-Candy, standing next to Miss Coconut-Chocolate, wearing… wait a minute, is she wearing anything? *Gasp!* It looks like her crushed hard candy ensemble is melting and revealing her naked frosting! Quick, switch cameras, let’s get a close up on Miss Coconut-Pomegranate Candy!

It looks like Miss Coconut-Pomegranate Candy forgot to bring her long-wear makeup and it’s melting all over, making her look like she had an unfortunate shaving accident! Cue the next contestant!

Ah, Miss Coconut-Mocha is last but not least. Miss Coconut-Mocha is made with firm coconut cream, finely ground instant coffee, and powdered sugar. It looks like she’s wearing the same chocolate-sprinkles outfit Miss Coconut-Peanut Butter is wearing. That has to be devastating, Ladies and Gentlemen. These cupcakes train and prepare their whole lives for this event, and to wear the same frosting as one of the front-runners is nothing short of a tragedy.

It’s time to crown our next Coconut Frosting Queen! The winner is… Miss Coconut-Mocha! Her one of a kind flavor outweighed her not-so-unique gown. Congratulations Miss Coconut-Mocha, you are the new Coconut Frosting Queen! *chomp*

Wow, that’s a lot of silly for just one post.

Because I used a lot of fatty coconut milk, I balanced out the dessert with Happy Herbivore’s fat-free chocolate cupcakes from her Pudge Free Holidays e-cookbook. Also from Lindsay’s e-cookbook:

Happy Herbivore's Meatballs
These are the best meatless meatballs I’ve ever had. Seriously. Mr. Wing-it said I have a girl-crush on Happy Herbivore, and I didn’t deny it!


  1. says

    Mmmmm. Those all look delicious. I always enjoy your sense of humor.

    I will have to check out the auditions. I’ve noticed they’ve never had vegetarians or vegans on but wonder how that would change the competition since they have had people do things like fillet fish or have to work with certain cuts of meat.

  2. says

    What amazing look cupcakes and food! Damnnn I want to live with you ;) I am tagging you for this survey going around. Check out my blog for the rules
    keep up all the awesome work!

  3. says

    I would have chosen Miss coconut-mocha too! Your cupcakes look so good I seriously want to reach into my screen, grab one, and EAT IT! Yummmm.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged! ;) Check out my blog!

  4. says

    haha i love cute cupcake pagent! miss coconut mocha is my favorite :)

    i agree, i would love to see a vegan/vegetarian chef on the food network! i’m actually surprised there isn’t one yet. maybe this will be the year?

  5. says

    Cute cuppie post! I gotta say, I’m loving the smeared makeup look on Miss Pomegranate…very 1990s Courtney Love heroin chic.

    I was actually talking to my boyfriend this weekend about how I hope the next FN star would be a vegetarian!

  6. says

    your post is so cute! haha i love all the cupcakes, they look and sound delicious!
    your coconut milk frosting sounds like such a good idea..i love it!

  7. says

    oh my gosh, River! i just love them all, especially the cuppie with the Coconut-Pomegranate Candy frosting! yay!

    those meatballs looks excellent, indeed! i want to put all of them in my face! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    such awesomeness! w00t!

  8. says

    thanks for the shout out, river. i don’t think i could hack that show, don’t they have to handle all kinds of meaty/nasty challenges?? anyway, i am not too impressed with the vegan app, i hope they get some better candidates! but yea, we deff need a veg show on the food network, much better than semi homemade!! i can’t stand sandra lee, or whatever her name is.

    cute cuppies!

  9. says

    Love the fashion cupcake show! I have fun watching FN because veganizing the recipes can be a fun challenge. We have watched all the next food network star shows and think it would be so cool if the vegan or vegetarian won!

  10. says

    i know what you mean about food network! i hope a vegetarian or vegan wins or even someone who cooks somewhat healthy!! i still love watching bobby flay throwdown… mainly because bobby flay is one of the sexiest guys ever. haha

  11. says

    coconut milk icing sounds so good! & your cupcakes are gorgeous! they look professional!! I have always wanted to try out for those shows but a vegan and a vegan who cooks with whole foods? ugh, crap no shot :( maybe someday!!

    & I think its adorable that you made my low fat cupcakes to balance with the higher fat topping :) :) so cute. I actually found a can of lite coconut milk in my cupboard i need to use, might have to come to you for suggestions! :P

    the meatless balls look awesome by the way. Even though I’ve had them two days in a row, you make me want more!! soso glad you like the recipes~!

  12. says

    I’m dying to have my own show on the Food Network! I don’t really create my own recipes, though, which is the only thing really holding me back from storming the FN HQ! ;) I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying Pudge-Free Holidays!

  13. says

    I feel so bad for Miss Coconut-Pomegranate Candy with her makeup issues! She so does NOT ruin the pageant – and what a yummy one it is.

    I would watch the next food star if there was a veg chef on there. I agree, Kittee would be great on there!

    There is a cooking show on PBS called “christina cooks” and it’s vegan. for some reason, directv doesn’t carry it. argh!

  14. says

    Thanks for the laugh! For a second there, I thought there’d be a talent contest. . . but they’d all win, so creative and yummy-looking!

  15. says

    WOW, you have the most decadent looking cupcakes ever!

    I love Happy Herbivore too, I haven’t gotten around to making those 2 recipes but I have them in mind for meals soon =)

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