VeganMoFo – Happy Halloweegan Vampire Cookies

This is my 19th Vegan MoFo post, so unless something unexpected happens tomorrow, I will reach my goal of 20 Halloweegan posts! Tomorrow, I would like to create a post with links to everyone that has made any fun Halloween vegan dishes and treats this month. If you’ve posted about something Halloween-y that you cooked and you would like me to link to it, just post a comment here and I’ll add your post to the list.

Today I made Happy Vampire Cookies! And of course one Mr. Cranky Pants Vampire to balance things out.

Halloweegan Vampire Cookies
Any sugar cookie will work for this, but I had to make shortbread because I’m shortbread’s #1 fan. I used a basic confectioner’s sugar icing for the faces. White for the fangs, spinach juice instead of water for the green part, and extra dark cocoa powder for the black details. Mr. Wing-it ate Mr. Cranky Pants first to put him out of his misery. Poor Mr. Cranky pants, he never had a chance.

P.S: I’ll probably blog pretty late tomorrow, so have a super Happy Halloween everyone!!


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    they are so cute. I love mr crankypants the best. not sure what that says about me…

    I have loved all of your halloweegan posts. I hope you do it next year :)

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    Hey !!!!!!

    Thx for commenting on my blog =D

    Vampire cookies… have really a wonderful talent =DD GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!! =))

    If you have some time later pls visit my new post =D

    Happy Halloween!!

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    aaaaaaaaaahahaha! i love mr. cranky pants vampire the most! yay!

    thanks for more halloweegan treats, River! these are spectacular! yay!

    i loooove the green color! and i super love that they’re shortbread cookies! i have never made shortbread cookies and now i think i must!

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    Aw, you guys rock! Thank you for all the lovely and inspiring comments!

    Aplaceforus: An award? For me? Really? YAY!! Thank you so much!! I’ve never won any awards for anything! This is so exciting, it’s so uplifting to be recognized by fellow bloggers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! :)

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    very cute! i also love, love shortbread. i posted a simple vegan maple cake with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles that i made last night. but i did make your halloweegan pumpkin o cookies last week, which were delicious! and so much fun to make :) sadly, i didn’t post any pictures.

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    Congrats on hitting twenty tomorrow! I will be posting # 20 as well :-)
    Love you happy vampire cookies. Whoever said vampires had to be mean and nasty?
    I posted some Halloween cupcakes… but they pale in comparison to all the halloweegan fun you’ve been having!

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    four great halloveegan vampires ah ah ah ah ah! (from the COUNT)
    Just wanted to tell you I was trying ot give you an award from my blog. Its on the give an take entry, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve done and great inspirations your posts have been.
    Seeing your blogs made me feel like vegan cooking can be even more rewarding than just great taste!

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