VeganMoFo – Halloweegan Frankenstein-ish Squares

Isa from the PPK posted a Halloween Roundup and gave me a sweet shoutout! Isa is the Vegan MoFo Queen Bee, so I feel like I’ve just won an Oscar or something! Thank you, thank you! Also featured on Isa’s post are Diann’s awesome spiderweb soup, Kittee’s amazing Halloween sushi, Shellyfish’s adorable Skeleton Cookies, and the cutest furry belly ever!

And now as Halloweegan continues, this is my pathetic attempt at making Frankenstein faces (or like Ambrose Monk would point out: “Dr. Frankenstein’s monster’s faces”).

Halloweegan Frankenstein Squares

I made them with Happy Herbivore’s incredibly delicious banana bread from her Sneak Peak e-cookbook. The little heads needed to be flat, so I baked the bread in a cake pan instead of a loaf pan. The original idea was to take my time and draw a couple of scars on each face, but that banana bread smelled so good that I just rushed through the whole process so we could eat it already!

To make these you will need to bake your favorite cake or banana bread in a square or rectangular cake pan. But first-sprinkle the top of the cake with 1/2 to 1 cup of green colored coconut before you bake it. Gently press the coconut down with a spoon or spatula so it sticks to the batter. I don’t use food coloring, so these are greened-up with spinach juice.

Once the cake is baked, let it come down to room temperature before you cut it into squares or rectangles. Some of the coconut will most likely be loose, don’t panic, just press it down again after you cut the cake.

Draw the hair, eyes, noses and mouths with melted chocolate chips. (You know the drill, melt the chips in the microwave, pour into a pastry bag, squeeze and draw.) I’m sure whatever you do will be more Frankensteiny than these silly things!

Have a fabulous week!


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    congratulations on the shout out, you deserve an award! these little frankenstein treats are so cute. and i love the idea of using a banana bread recipe!

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    These are the best ever! I have got to try this.
    I also felt pretty freaking special after seeing Isa’s round up…because she’s like my baking hero – and you’re right up there, too!

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    I’m surprised it took so long for you to get a shout out! your blog is awesome.

    I love the franken squares. I knew what they were right away. he needs some chocolate bolts in his neck – though it would probably be a major pain – to make and I guess to his neck.

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    Well, there was no way Isa could NOT have given you a shout out with all these amazing, creative Halloween themed posts!

    The squares look adorable. I love the green coconut!

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    OMG …..IT LOOKS …SOOO AMAZZZING!!!!!!!!!! You should think bout a BAKERY or sth like that hah =)) REALLY!!

    It’s SOOOO creative…YOU’RE SO CREATIVE!!!

    I’ll appreciate a comment fromyou on my new post SOOOO MUCH!! :D

    Enjoy the day!!

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    Just what will you come up with next?! Congrats on the shout-out, thats like TOP HONORS girl! You deserve it, your posts totally rock. And you leave the BEST comments on everyone’s bloggys!

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    o.m.g. as soon as i read your comment that you made the bread I thought “i bet she made them halloweenish!” and you did (and they are so cute) and I feel so flattered and if Isa gave me a shout out I’d totally feel like I won an oscar. You’re awesome River.

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    I saw your shout out too and I smiled a big cheezly grin.
    You so deserve recognition for your wonderful creations River – and the fact that you have entertained and amused all of us bloggers is beyond words!
    There is nothing pathetic about this latest addition to the Halloweegan Hall of Fame!
    They are soooooo cute!

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    thanks for the encouragement :]

    i made a couple things this weekend and they turned out much better than the tempeh haha.

    your cooking/baking is looking mad delicious as usual :D

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    i saw you on the PPK last night! i got superhappyfaced that you were featured on the blog! you ROCK SO HARD, River! congrats!

    these frankensteins are the best! i love their hair the most! just too damn cute! hooooooooooooray! i think they’re great – and they made me smile – which is awesome!

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