VeganMoFo – Halloweegan – Mummy Dogs and Mashed Potato Ghosts

It’s day three of Halloweegan! This time we had some Mummy Dogs, which consisted of veggie hot dogs wrapped in a tasty crust. My wrapping skills suck, but they were good regardless! Thank you Kittee for the link to where I found the recipe!

For the dough, I used the recipe suggested on 365 Halloween, but used whole wheat pastry flour instead. The dogs are Lightlife Jumbo Dogs cut in half. We had them with some mashed potato ghosts and a veggie stir-fry. The mashed potato ghosts are super easy to make: just fill a pastry bag with mashed potatoes, and squeeze the bag with an upward motion to pipe the little ghosts onto a plate. Their spooky eyes are made with ketchup! I wish I’d had more time to make the mummy wrapping prettier, but I had to get dinner ready and the hungry-belly clock was really ticking!


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    i randomly stumbled upon your blog from but i must say, this meal looks delicious and awesome.

    i just made a blog; i hope you do not mind but i tried to set it so i could keep track of your sumptuous creations (i don’t know if i did it correctly though haha)

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    WOW! A request for adoption and a marriage proposal! Woo hoo! :)

    Thank you everyone for the sweet comments, I love that you’re enjoying the Halloweegan Vegan MoFo!

    The eyes for the ghosts were just ketchup, but I’m sure anything “saucy” would work.

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    You’re giving me so much inspiration for Halloween, thanks!

    Those mummies are just too cute.

    With what did you make the eyes on the mashed potato ghosts?

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    oh my gosh! i don’t know if i could eat them ’cause they’re sooooo cute! hooray for more creative and adorable themed food, River! i love it ALL! :D


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