VeganMoFo – Halloweegan! The Inevitable Pancake Post

October is here! YAY! October will be a themed month, and the theme will be… well, what else but Halloween! I’ll try to make every post about fun Halloweegan foods! I doubt I’ll have 20 posts by the end of Vegan MoFo, but I’ll try to post as much as possible.

Yes, I am blogging about pancakes again. I’m sorry. My name is River and I’m a pancakeholic.

Here’s the thing though, these are special Halloweegan pancakes! Fun! OK, let’s get started. These creepy little pancakes have vegan whipped cream eye balls with blueberry centers, and strawberry jelly eye vessels carved with a toothpick (veganized pancake recipe from Cooking Lady).

The next ones are vamp-cakes. Melted chocolate chip eyes, nose and mouth, and almond slices as the fangs! (same pancake recipe)

And these are my Pankin Pumpcakes. To give them their “pumpkiny” shape, using the back of a spoon “drag” some pancake batter from the top of each pancake as soon as you drop them on the griddle. This makes it look like a stem. Of course if you have a heat resistant pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter, that will work! Decorate them with the goodies I mentioned above.

OK, we got the obligatory pancake post out the way. Phew! See you tomorrow for more Halloweegan fun!


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    I just love Halloween.

    You’re very crafty, I love your cute Halloween food art. I’m a fellow pancake-aholic, rarely does a weekend go by without them.

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    I have to jump in to agree that your pancakes are great. My favorites are the pumpkins, so many decorating possibilities with those. Have you ever seen the vegan website, 365Halloween? I think you might like it…


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    Adorable – as always! I need to come to your house for some pancake making lessons. I love pancakes so much, but I’m terrible at making them. What’s your secret?

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    Girlfriend….you have waaaay too much time on your hands. You need a hobby. Oh right, you have one…cooking!!!

    It’s me Cooking Lady.

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    The pancakes are awesome! I can’t wait to make fun pancakes like that for Arthur and then for Adam when he is old enough. I too am a pancakeaholic. I request them every week. Josh is so great at making them.

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    yay for pancakes! I suck making them though. Yesterday I made a batch, following a recipe that I had already used and worked, and I screwed up so badly I had to throw them away! Shame on me!

    PS: thanks a lot for your comment. I also think giving up is fine if it’s time to move on. What will I gain if I stay? I will leave in 1 1/2 year (2 years contract, no one is renewed) feeling that I’ve wasted 2 years of my life. And physically, I don’t even think I can take it… Anyhoo… THANKS!

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    cutest pancakes, ever!!! i feel the need to make those for the halloween season.

    by the way, your blog is so enjoyable to read, keep up the wonderful posts :)

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    obligatory pancake post?! i super love your obligatory pancake post! hoooooooooooray! your themed pancakes are the cutest EVER! now i want pancakes! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! i might have to make some come sunday morning! w00t!

    you’re so creative, River! you rock so hard!


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