Vegan Soup For The Germy Soul

Ugh. I am being possessed by either allergies or a little cold. Stupid vulnerable human body! Anyway, of course this germy situation demanded a hot bowl of “chicken” noodle soup. I used Morningstar Farms Chik’n strips, chiocciole noodles, and lots of veggies…

I’d been waiting for days to make Cooking Lady’s Three Grain Pancakes, but we were out of cornmeal and we only go grocery shopping on Thursdays, so I had to be patient. I finally I got to make them yesterday, and they were fluffy and delicious. These are my favorite pancakes from now on! I used 2 teaspoons of Ener-G egg replacer, and replaced the honey with maple syrup.

Last night when I wasn’t a walking germ-fest, I made Happy Herbivore’s low fat fudgy brownies from her Sneak Peek cookbook. They are a chocoholic’s dream! They were incredibly good just out of the oven, and they were even awesome today, cold and straight out of the fridge (we were good and managed not to eat them all in one night).



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    ugh i’ve been sick lately too. NOT fun. i’ve been eating alot of lentil soup and drinking chamomile tea.

    those brownies are definitely next on my list to make!

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    Ah shucks ma’am it ain’t nothing *In my best cowardly lion voice*

    My husband say that those pancakes are bar none thee best he has ever tasted. They are my favorite as well.

    Glad you like them and we(me and Savanah) hope you feel better, even if it is allergies.

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    You should re-mane your blog in “pancake vegan” :D. Your pancakes always look so perfect! German pancakes are usually much bigger and flatter than American ones (More like crepes), but I think I like the American version better. And especially yours!

    Feel better soon, I hope the soup helps. There must be something in the air, a lot of my collegues at work are sick too.

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    Soup sounds so good and it is great for when you are feeling crappy. I don’t feel crappy I am just stuck on bedrest until our newest little boy arrives which is boring. I miss cooking. The brownies are beautiful. Hope you get well soon and have a great weekend.

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    I was going to suggest the Vcon soup, but the lovely Vegyogini beat me to it! I’m thrilled you loved the brownies (and kudos for not eating them all in 1 sitting as i tend to do!) I hope you feel better soon.

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