Sweet Potato and Chocolate Shortbread and More HH’s Sneak Peek Food

The allergies have left the building! I made some cookies to celebrate my freedom from the invisible nose tickling elves! I will have to make these again and change a few things before I post the recipe because they’re not *exactly* what I wanted yet. Anyway, they are sweet potato and chocolate shortbread cookies shaped like leaves and acorns. They were so tiny and addictive that I think I ate a million of them (there I go again making tiny foods).

Last night we had the crispy chickenless nuggets from Happy Herbivore‘s Sneak Peek e-book. They were super crispy and the best faux chicken nuggets I’ve ever eaten! Next time I think I’ll make the banana bread from the same sneak peek.

It’s almost Vegan MoFo time! I’m thinking about having a themed MoFo-something fun! I’m not telling you what it is yet! It will be spooky…


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    your cookies are soo adorable! and sweet potato..thats an interesting idea, i bet they were awesome :)
    i really neeeeed to get the e-book..really bad, everything looks so awesome that people have made, especially those faux chicken nuggets!

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    Thank you guys! :)

    Tofufreak: I used my brand new Autumn and Halloween mini cookie cutters. For the acorns I cut out some chocolate ones and some sweet potato ones, cut all the tops off and interchanged them to make them bicolor. The leaves are just merged chocolate and sweet potato dough.

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    You’re so right; the chickenless nuggets are amazing! Believe me, the banana bread is absolutely fantastic, too. Your cookies are adorable and the flavor combination sounds great. I’m considering a sort of themed VeganMoFo, but it’s more of a way to help accomplish something rather than a theme, per se. :)

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    whoa! did you shape each of them individually?!?!?!!? theyre really super cute (the cookies :D)

    the chickenless nuggets look awesome too! man i really need to get the sneak peek book! haha

    looking forward to your vegan mofo

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