Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blog Love

I recently started a new blog feature called Blog-Love. From now on I will randomly (or not) choose one of my favorite blogs and I will tell you a little bit about them at the end of each post. All the blog-love will also be stored here, in alphabetical blog-order! :)


Andrea @ Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking! You probably already know who Andrea is and you're most likely a fan of her blog too, but just in case you're the new kid in town, it's my duty to point you in the right blog-direction! Andrea has been a vegan for more than 29 years, so she knows her vegan shiitake like no other! Her blog has a humongous list of recipes and lots of product/restaurant reviews. You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of lovely little Miss E working hard in the kitchen, or maybe you will even get to meet that adorable curly-haired Buffy! Check out Andrea's blog!

Mandee @ Cupcake Kitteh! Mandee is an animal-hero who, along with her heroic baking partners, holds bake sales to raise money for animal rescues and charities. Somebody give the woman a shining armor! Visit the Sidney Vegan Bake Sale official blog to marvel at their epic spreads, and check out Mandee's blog for some amazing gluten-free vegan eats! Also, the cutest blog-header award should go to Mandee! :)

Ricki @ Diet Dessert and Dogs! Ricki is the Queen of alternative cooking and baking! She points and laughs at dietary restrictions, or at least she should. Ricki's blog is loaded with vegan recipes, anti-candida friendly recipes, gluten-free recipes, you name it! With her amazing creativity and imagination (and maybe a magic wand?) she can turn black beans into fudgy brownies, and beets into a delicious pepperonesque pizza topping! And by the time your belly is full and happy, Ricki will treat you to funny anecdotes and interesting stories while her Girls try to talk you into slipping them a treat. Check out Ricki's blog!

Jessy @ happyveganface! Jessy took a break from blogging and now she's back! She livens up the blogosphere with her positive and happy energy, and her fantasticalness has been greatly missed! Her recipes are always rockin', and Dan's (her firefighting hubster) cooking is totally awesome as well! I'm sure you're already a fan of Jessy's, but if you're new to the vegan blog scene and you still don't know which blogs are a must-read, you have to check out Jessy's blog!

Jeni Treehugger @ Heathen Vegan! Jeni has been a resident of Blogville since 2008, and I was very lucky to have found her blog only a couple of months after it went live. Jeni is a badass cook and an awesome cute cake maker! Her blog has lots of vegan recipes, and many of them are for traditional UK dishes that Jeni has veganized and awesomized! Also, she's a cat lady and a good witch who specializes in shenanigans and jiggery pokery! Check out Jeni's blog!

Susan @ Kittens Gone Lentil! When Susan isn't cooking up vegan deliciousness and making cookbooks look irresistible, she's off being a super-vet and saving kitties with her magical powers! Susan is a true cat hero! She always ends her food posts with a perfect dessert: a very sweet "Cute Kitty Photo of the Post." Check out Susan's blog!

Katie @ Making Food and Other Stuff! Katie is so cool you might mistake her for Shaft.* Not only does she make awesome food and crafty other stuff, she's also getting a PhD in Bird Nerdery. Katie is researching the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (a cutie patootie endangered bird) so she can figure out a way to restore their habitat, which is being destroyed by us lovely humans. Katie is my hero! She's super fit and strong too, so don't you mess with those birdies... just sayin'. Check out Katie's blog if you're in the mood for something witty, hilarious, delicious, and downright awesome! I'm telling you it's fascinating!

Becks @ Not A Rabbit! (I've been wanting to say that for a long time!) Becks has just returned from a two year long hibernation. If you've been around Blogville since 2008 and were lucky enough to know her blog back then, then you're probably screaming with joy! Not A Rabbit is restarting from scratch, so you will need to update your url/feeds/stalkery-tools. For those of you who weren't around to be Rabbit's groupies, let me tell you that you're in for a treat! Not A Rabbit is a baking blog, so expect to suffer from dehydration by drooling. Becks' witty and effortlessly funny writing style is going to charm you like a snake... or something less scary. And fluffier. She's going to charm you like a Rabbit! Go check out her blog and join the Not A Rabbit fan club! :)

DJ @ Skint Vegan! If some day someone comes up with an International School for Future Awesome Moms, DJ should be a member of the board of directors! She is raising her children to be punks (her words!) and those two cutie patootie kids are lucky to have such a cool mom! DJ's blog is home to the cutest Hello Kitty cake, the most original The Arc de Triomphe costume, and lots of tasty vegan nom noms. Check out DJ's blog!

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