Tuesday, July 8, 2008

About Me

River started blogging in 2008 when she felt an overwhelming desire to share her food wisdom with the world... just kidding - I don't talk about myself in the third person! Welcome friends, strangers, and those of you who do talk about yourselves in the third person (River doesn't mean to mock you, she just finds the idea of talking about herself in the third person snorty-laugh hilarious. *snorty laugh*.)

Anyway, I am River and this is where I keep track of my favorite recipes. Hopefully you will find a few new favorites here as well. This blog was born in 2008, and even though I have taken more than a few blogging breaks due to the nomadic nature of our top-secret job, I still try to blog regularly when we are home. Please, don't run away scared if you're not vegan! I promise not to throw rotten beets or snarky judgments at you. This blog is mainly about food, and I won't try to "convert" you with my vegan bible. I might, however, try to lure you with tasty vegan treats - ever so sneakily.

If you browse around my earlier posts, you will find that my diet used to be a bit different then. These days, in my mid 30's, I can't get away with eating with reckless abandon anymore without growing a big belly. Trying to eat healthfully is a daily challenge because I want to eat ALL the cakes, ALL the pies, and ALL the breads. My "diet", for lack of a better word, consists of lots of veggies and legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, and moderate amounts of grains. Dessert deprivation doesn't work for me (hello, Bingetown!), so I enjoy a little something sweet every single day. Do you have an emergency chocolate stash? Me too! I do seem to enjoy blogging about my sweet treats more than my more nutritious meals, but worry not, I do eat plenty of broccoli and lentils and all that good stuff.

Recipes are awesome and I have a well stocked cookbook shelf, but most times I just prefer to wing it in the kitchen, hence the name of my blog. Sometimes winging it works, sometimes not so much. But that's OK, there are not too many kitchen disasters that cannot be turned into a sweet truffle or a savory croquette.

On a non-food related note, I am an extreme introvert and an antisocial hermit who would rather stay at home than go out and mingle with other humanoids. Staying home is nice though, because we live near a little pond and we have some very cute duck neighbors. We also welcome lots of wild birds into our back yard, and you will see them featured here regularly. Mr. Wing-It is in charge of feeding the birds and I am in charge of stalking them with the camera incessantly. Mr. Wing-It is my marvelous husband, official taste-tester, and provider of all manner of spoileries. Our backyard birds call him "Food Dude" which is a very fitting moniker.

That's enough about me, I think. Are you still here? *crickets chirping*


Mr. Hummer McGrumpersons does not approve of my "about me" page. Or anything else.


  1. I couldn't find a way to contact you so I am leaving a comment here to see if you are interested in becoming an affiliate selling CRENU vegan bars. If so please email me at crenubars@gmail.com



  2. I never read this page - I didn't know your husband is so into birds! I am getting my phd in biology and I have been studying birds for about 10 years. It is the best research in the world. And the traveling can't be beat!

  3. That is so cool! Bird-nerds of the world unite! What's your favorite species? I love the tiny ones like the hummingbirds, sparrows, finches and wrens, but it would be hard to choose one.

  4. I completely identify with your existential crisis. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about religion and the best I can come up with is that if there is some sort of supreme being, it doesn't give a you-know-what what I do with myself. It's up to people to treat each other and other life forms well for the sake of doing so.

  5. Yes! To treat all living things with respect and consideration out of decency and kindness, not because we want to be rewarded in some sort of afterlife. It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? *sigh*

  6. I stumbled upon your blog through another blog doing vegan mofo and I am SO in love with it! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!!

  7. I think I love you. you are a cutie pie and we totally have that introvert/anti-social thing in common. phones are evil, they must be stopped.

  8. i really dont like talking on the phone either, but it sure is a hard one a hard one to explain away!

  9. I love your About Me page and you're so gorgeous, I love your Wing-it apron xox

  10. YUM! These look so delicious! I think I will make some for breakfast tomorrow! i am really loving your blog!

  11. Just found your site today and want you to know that I love what I've seen so far. Do you want to know something? My hubby and I met at a vegan meet-up!!! Too funny.

    We're the same - we have so much in common, it's not funny. I knew this was something special when he found a bug in his apartment and got out a butterfly net to set it free outside. I thought I was the only one who did things like that! Two peas, I tell you, two peas!

    Glad to know there are other vegan pods out there!

  12. Denny the ExplorerApril 17, 2011 at 2:01 AM

    I don't care what you call yourself.

    You rock and I lub you!!!

  13. River, why did I never notice this bit of your blog before? (Don't answer that!) Great to find out more about you and Mr Wing-It! John and I are 'cell-mates' (as we call it!) too! And I love your blog!

  14. Hi River,

    Finally found you....I've just copy/pasted your strawberry Santa Hats and Xmas Trees from Erica's Sweet Tooth site.

    Went to the links for Crafty Kook she credited it to and well, not that "Shizuoka tombstone" is quite where it should be credited...after I translated said Japanese page to english ;-)

    I then followed your link you'd posted in her comments....um, when thet came up "URL Not Found" ....I started to search ....

    Anyway...now i've found your site I can credit you correctly!! I wanted to share these with my Mothers of Preschoolers [MOPS] group here in Perth, Western Australia as we'll be doing our Xmas things for the children [and adults] at the church group. These looked fab and easy to adapt for our celiacs [me] and our vegetarians and vegans.

    So before I share my find I can now credit you properly!! Thankyou.

    Kind Regards
    Sarah Glasson

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I can't believe you went through all that trouble to give me credit - you have restored my faith in the blogging community! Last year I had some of my content "stolen" and republished without my permission, and it made me want to give up blogging. I started again a couple of weeks ago but I've been skeptical about sharing anything too original because it probably WILL be copied and not credited at some point. But you and your wonderful decency have restored my faith in the blogging community and I thank you so very much for looking me up and crediting me. You rock!!

      The Crafty Kook was a blog that I had for a few months when I strayed away from this one. It never felt like "home" so I came back to Wing It Vegan and let the other domain name expire. Now I see that I probably should have kept it!

      I hope you have fun making the little Santa hats! Please do let me know if you ever blog about them so I can give you a MASSIVE shout out from here!

      PS: Did I say that you ROCK?!

    2. :D I'm so glad some of your faith is restored, River! I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around. I loath it when people "steal" content and the like so blatantly.

      I have no blogs but I'll be sure to send you pics if/when we make these gorgeous treats of yours.

      I went back to Erica's Sweet Tooth and posted a comment there with your wingitvegan site link. Hopefully then Erica can update her site in place of Crafty Kook :D

      It was no trouble.....luckily you had your name River on Erica's site...so I simply googled your name along with Santa Hats and ...followed the trails.... :D

      It only took about 20 mins....but as you can see ... for me, that 20 mins was worth every second for the simple fact it restored your faith :D

      .... and now I'm signed up to your emails so won't "lose you" ;-)

      Sarah x

    3. It's despicable, illegal, and not to mention so very lame to steal other people's content! This person had taken my whole posts word-by-word including all my pictures. Now I add a watermark to all my pictures as an extra precaution.

      The fact that you looked me up just to do the right thing makes me so happy! You didn't *have* to do it, but you did it because you're awesome! Sarah for president! :D

      I hope you have lots of fun with the Santa Hats if you do make them! And I would love to see pictures if you do!

      Thank you so much for subscribing! :)

  15. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kittee! It's been up for a few weeks... let's see how much longer I can keep it there without feeling an urge to take it down...